My 4c’s

January 16, 2019

my tribe has moved on to embrace the 4 C’s, cosmopolitanism, connectivity, competency and courage.

We know where our home port is, but we hv no issues anchoring at any other foreign ports or anchorage.

Suku tetap suku, Kalu tidak 3/4 Yang dikejar suku terlepas. Suku suku Lah

My religion is already liberating and simple and open.

As for politics I go for the politics of righteousness which however is non existence.


The Call for The Third Vote

January 16, 2019

Last Sunday i was privileged to listen to ideas and thoughts of prominent civil societies activists in a program organised by Mypj and the office of Maria Chin Abdullah our MP for PJ and my UCL alumna. It was a showcase of responsible communities and advocacy for participatory democracy.

Thomas Fann the MrCool the new chairman of bersih 2.0 who shared this thoughts about inclusiveness was the kind of leaders Malaysia desperately needs now. Nation building is like getting everyone in the family photograph. No one must be left behind. No one, especially those with 50% of votes like Umno and Pas. They must not be treated as enemies. I shared with them that the Malay word for engagement is menyantuni.

Then there was Dr Wong Chin Huat, the scholar. At a time when AUKU resulted in a sick ecosystem in universities, it was refreshing to hear tangible actionable strategies to return the rights of the Rakyat from centralisation. Not many realise that the real REFORM we need now is to decentralise, to give more autonomy to the people, to curtail the too powerful Prime Minister at the Federation and Menteri Besar at the state.

That Virus called the Malay Dilemma

January 5, 2019

I’m a nusantara person. I roam free.

I envy the Terengganu fisherman, the freedom of having their own independent means of living and their ways. I wish I were a Malay kampong Budiman in equilibrium with my environment not dependent on the price of sawit or coconut.

I sometimes, imagine I was that Tok Batin of the batik tribe who show the one finger to those who want my people to leave my ways so that they can rape my tropical paradise.

We are not in any dilemma. We want to improve our ways by our our definitions. You are right about that Malay Dilemma, that virus is an evil creation.


January 4, 2019

“Kelas Dewasa” was an initiative of the Govt under Tunku to teach mature illiterates or BUTA HURUF to read and write. In this case I’m using the KELAS DEWASA concept to address BUTA POLITIK.

Malaysian paid a heavy tuition fee to learn about KLEPTOCRACY.

Having struggled to successfully finish the lesson on Kleptocracy, a new practical subject is being presented to them; OLIGARCHY.

An oligarchy is a power structure that allows a few businesses, families, or individuals to rule. They have enough power and influence to turn the county to benefit them to the exclusion of other members. They maintain their power through their relationships with each other but most critically their immense wealth and control of business corporations.

In a POST REFORMASI FORUM in Jakarta 2 weeks ago, activists in Indonesia raised the concerns on powerful tycoons controlling media and strategic businesses hijacking the REFORMASI ideals.

Back in Malaysia we have politicians turned Oligarch coming back into politics.

My take is OLIGARCHs showing interests in POLITICAL POWER are more respectable than POLITICIANS BECOMING OLIGARCHS. Worse if they hold citizens ransom and try to subjugate citizens by telling them they are lazy and stupid for not being rich. Do you agree ?


January 4, 2019

In 1998, or was it 97 I spent a month at IIT Madras courtesy of UTM/UNESCO/Govt of India to be at the School of Ocean Technology. Among the other participants were Dr Nik from UM, Prof Sugianto of IIS, a Malay Madagascar prof, an Egyptian prof. We lived on campus. It was a totally different world. It was a place European prof flocked to for their sabbatical. That certainly brought back memories.


January 1, 2019

I lay claim to be the first to present this phenomena on Malay Oligarchy. Not that I’m the smartest but many learned men and scholars are either AUKUed (read OKUed) or still drunk in the post 0905 euphoria. I guess some are too embarrassed to admit that they have been outmanoeuvred .

Post Reform or post REVOLUTION, it is common for the Game of Thrones to unfold. No surprise here. Socialists, communists, nationalists, religionists try to out manoeuvre each other scrambling for position and power.

In the case of Malaysia, in the jostling for power and control, after successfully toppling a kleptocratic government, a group of powerful and super rich and politically influential Malays emerges. These are no ordinary super rich. Yes, they are Malays led by once upon a time the destroyer of Reform, TDM.

Lately it is becoming too often a narrative for TDM to blame the Malays for being lazy, of poor values and in need of crutches.

In the attached article, Dr Sharifah presented her take on the myth of the lazy natives, trying to justify that serious bundling of all Malays as lazy by TDM. I agree with her observation that elites and colonialists are the usual exploiters of the masses. In the case of Colonialists, they use the usual narrative of the lazy natives as a cover for the exploitation.

I’m adding here a new context to the myth of the lazy natives unfolding in Malaysia. What is unique in the narrative of the lazy natives in Malaysia is that it is being propagated by the natives’ own kind by no other than TDM himself.

TDM is no ordinary leader, but a superduper politician turn OLIGARCH .

What is TDM’s game plan, one wonders. One possible game plan which is becoming clear and simple to recognise, emerges; make the subjects helpless, scared and boom the oligarch comes swooping in with his army, armada, ready to die troops. The country is hijacked.

But the narrative presented is one of a frustrated leader. I have tried to help but you people are just plain stupid, spineless and lazy. I come to save you

Beware people!

The Day an Illustrious Institution was Destroyed

December 30, 2018

I know of a true story of how the ppl in government, politicians, civil servants and the military (including the royalties) have been abusing and destroying the ppl and the institution of state and taken away the rights of the lazy, stupid poor marhaen.

Once upon a time during pm 4,0 a chief of an institution was chairing a high powered institution meeting. He lamented how he has to execute WAHYU from the top.

“Our institution has been raped. There is nothing we could do about it. We might as well enjoy it!”

That was the day the institution died, and the eco system destroyed.

Build the nation using different materials please