Dua’ by others 

March 24, 2017

I have the belief of the power of dua by others. The concept of true success is fundamentally about ppl talking and feeling good about you.

 If you deliver good service your client will say good about you anf that is dua’. If you talk write the good words , do the good acts, it is like a tree, rooted strongly with strong stem and branches and luscious shades, fruiting for others to benefit from. That is the analogy of parable given by Allah in the Quran. That is dua and action, that a tree has to be planted in order to enjoy the fruits n shade. 
The opposite is true. Take the case of out politics, If majority of voters or constituents do not give positive dua to Umno, Umno would suffer. That is dua and its manifestations

Where is the Solihin in Reformasi State? 

February 6, 2017

Last Friday I attended The weekly assembly. The message was on the faith. It was the state talking, the power sharing collaborators unleashing its weekly software update over the minds of its subject. The bashing of the other brothers from the other syia’s was the primary theme. It was all about faith. Was faith in short supply? Was the faith under threat?
Not a word was mentioned on mufsidun, when the mischief makers, the corrupts, the destroyers of institutions were in abundance even among the congregation. The word takoot was mentioned in passing, and my guess was that the concept of fear or takoot was well entrenched. Nothing about being Right. 
The above brief scene unfortunately is not a brief, not a passing anecdote. It is mainstream. It hurts most when it is happening in a solehin state, the reformasi state. Nothing has changed, nothing has improved for the better. 
They never learn from the lesson of Pattani., that no amount of technological skill, or the number of canons and the Calibre of your bedil, can save your nation. 
The Malay Pendekar is going to be betrayed again by the very people they have faith in, the people they have surrendered their faith to.

Rare Act of Courage 

February 3, 2017

OUR ex colleague prof Azam is in Majlis MARA. His name was quoted in the recent suspension of The Chairman ala abrahamovic. The act by the MARA council restored some faith in our system n our people. We should be proud and stand up in support. We need to build traction on this rare courageous act.

It is easy to be cynical and critical. Courage and conviction is rare. Whenever there is such occurrence we need to temporarily put our partisanship aside, we need to amplify, build traction and encourage good and courageous deeds no matter how small or superficial we think it is. 
The Majlis and the Boards of Directors have fiduciary functions and responsibilities. Oversight is a great responsibility. It cannot be taken lightly.

Middle East – guilty and doomed by association 

February 3, 2017

The Middle East is doomed. The region is doomed by their differing ideologies, by their failure to agree to disagree, by the ppl they patronised, by their own leaders and all those factors succinctly summarised by Shariffudin AhmadTaff
It will be another generation or two before they are back on the path or faster if they have a new messiah. 
My learned friend ELEGANTLY said we are guilty by association. I would put it in a harsher note, we are doomed by keeping quiet, by our inleerRichtung, by our non confrontation of our own brothers of faiths. 
Back home, the debates is on halal eggs. The one viral is on PElita restaurant ownership and the halal mc Donald. Nobody question the stupidity of sending our troops to Saudi Arabia. The Syiah bashing continue. Comments are made on how you solat. The loudspeakers are loud but quiet when misdeeds are so blatant, All kosher when the corrupt put on the salafi attire and the fares to Jeddah are sponsored. 
My non Muslim friends are now loud. They are the ones who pointed out the stupidity, they are the ones who question why are the intelligent Malays so quiet so lame and not confronting and correcting the wrongs. 
I struggle but defend I did for the existence of the enlightened few. 
If we keep in doing the same way, using the same strategies, we will get the same result. We need to be loud, we need to tell our people that we cannot be associated, we must not allow ourselves to be doomed by association.

MyPj – the struggle for a better Pj 

February 1, 2017

At MyPj we cannot be taking every issue of state, every problem of the world, or every shortcoming of practitioners of religions. 
It is easy to let steam of pent up frustrations of the problems around us. And the WA is the easiest route 
Worse if we spice it up with cynicism and ridicule. The community in Pj is the best hope for Malaysia. We build on what we already have. We reclaim what we have lost grip on. 
It will take time, no Panadol cure I’m afraid. We lead, we live life, we send the right message, we act the right way

Wearing life Like a loose garment 

January 31, 2017

“The metaphor of ‘wearing life like a loose garment’ resonat with me many years ago…” and “Wearing life like a loose garment means letting go of the struggle and not holding on so tightly to life that it can’t breathe…”

Crazy Times – jaman edan 

January 31, 2017

When Obama was elected, we thot that was it, the end of racism in USA. Yet 8 years letter the true America emerged full of angst and hatred 
When Arab spring happened, we said that was it, we must also have our own Kampung spring. Yet a few years later we feel so lucky it did not happen the Thai way or the Arab way. 
When Mahathir was in power we hated him and called him Mahafiraun. Yet, we see now the old enemies is calling Mahathir the hero ( I still Hv not forgiven him) 
In such a backdrop it is indeed a confusing situation. How do you expect the men on the street to react? With the acquired wisdom what are the strategies to be deployed for a better and strong Malaysia? Our Guide is the Constitution, our building blocks are our institutions, our foundations must be RIGHTEOUSNESS , our way must incorporate inclusiveness n sharing n the natural way…, plenty to consider. We have plenty of our own wise men, true Malaysians who would put malaysia 🇲🇾 first. Plenty in PJ especially