My Kind if World

October 15, 2018

Beneath that simple innocent, rural, naive and feudal projection of malayness is a sophistication that no random observations could simply fathom. Neither is it a mono block to be stereotyped. Neither is Nadzru Azhari or the people we know here the untypical Malays. I know them from the Klongs and kampong they came from.

In fact personally as I get more worldly, I am beginning to appreciate, more and more of the depth of wealth and beauty of life of the people of the Golden Chersonese and the Archipelago.

Taking the example of the Urban Bangkok Malays, what can be expected of them when the tropical paradise awaits? . I for one would choose the more balanced life of Pattani or Riau or Bandung or outer Bangkok for that matter over the overdeveloped BKK OR KL or Jakarta on condition that the connectivity issues are taken care of.


Lest we forget who the sleekest politicians are

October 15, 2018

lest we forget, Kings, sultans, Raja’s are the greatest and smoothest of politicians. His daily pursuit is subjugation of others for his personal benefits. He uses soldiers, other politicians, the likes of CIA/s, religion, images, dresses, reliogionists, pulpits, universities, professors linguists, anything under the realm to perpetuate his denomination. We are seeing one example here, to be a Malay you MUST be berkeRAJAan. The RAJA is trying to define ME and SUBJUGATE me and my Malayness. In my interactions with fellow Malays, even after being indoctrinated by the most ROYAL of all Malay Institutions, (selagi ada peredaran bulan dan bintang. hehe) I do not notice that. With that in mind I am inclined to conclude that it is the natural response to UNDER SEIGE being the reason for the observed withdrawal.

Random observation of Thai Malays by a Professor

October 15, 2018

This definition of being Malay as one who is a keRAJAan may be true then (precolonial) , but no longer prevalent particularly in Malaysia, Indonesia or Singapore. Certainly in Brunei, keRAJAan is still central. The fact that your observation was based on your knowledge of and experience with the Thai Malays is most interesting. In the context of Thailand, isn’t that expected and demanded of them particularly being a minority that has been subdued? Or are you referring to their desire/imagination/vision of their lost keRAJAan, which make them withdraw from the mainstream as a natural tendency to preserve, to defend what they think are theirs and to fight for their rights to be different? Nadzru Azhari Imtiyaz Yusuf Kamarudin Abu Bakar


September 30, 2018

In pj the bn has been totally routed. The ONLY voices of dissents are coming from NGO’s. Even NGO’s hv been muffled after getting rewards from ph they helped to prop up.

The PH politicians know they do not hv to listen to NGO’s.

The Civil Servants are not sharing info with PH as a retaliation to PH saying the bad things abt them.

So the dynamics on the ground is not promising.

We are now reduced to become a safe fixed deposit like wht Sabah used to be.

That is post MAY9th of Malaysia baru.

I was Grandma’s KONTOL Landung

September 21, 2018

To nenek my maternal grandmother I was her “kontol Landong”. There is no other phrase or title that would be able  challenge the intimacy of that special relationship. You would be the envy of your siblings if you carry that title. It literally means my “hanging or plumbing testicles”. you can get away with anything with that title.

It was not just the sleeping benefits, not having to prepare the pillows and tilam kabu and the sheets and the thin blanket. It also included  the benefit of not having to lift a finger in clearing up your sleeping area. That shortcoming  I had  was fortunately made up  and rectified in the Malay College.

It also carried the benefit of having the first bite to her favourites. She loved the roes of “parang” . She loved the fried guts of parang.  She Loved botok, chicken pecel, chicken lengkuas, pindang ikan, pais. That explained my love for those exotic Malay/Javanese dishes particularly  fine taste of that delicacy, the innards of parang.

I also have right of access to her pouch or kantung which doubled up as her belt. When she went for the hajj, I was given the delegated authority and rights to collect and spend the rental from Cina Toh for the piece of land at the Pekan. It was a miserable RM 1.50 and till today I could not comprehend the exploitation , the sense of value and the lopsided  rental. The Taukeh insisted that I produce a receipt and so I did. During the tree  months she was away I would be taking the Lian Hoe bus to Semerah. There I would be at the beginning of the month having my mee sop, the ultimate treat for the rent collector.

Nenek did not smoke but she did the songel.  This was sucking of dried  tobacco. The difference between a sentil and a songel is in its size. Songel is a handful being stuffed and moved from both corners of the mouth. Looked awful. Yes it was. The other person who had a bigger songel was NEK ODA the other wife of Tok Siraj.

As I approached my standard six, I began to get restless sleeping with nenek. After the circumcision, nature took its course and nenek understood. So I found my own bed. Subsequently I got so focussed on my school work and the move to the Bandar with Kak Cik and later to the Malay College.

My kontol landund status did not mean much to a teenager. Later on it was busy time with the spouse and the relationship with nenek suffered.

She must have missed me. And now I miss her. She was bedriddeen in the final few years of her life. I did not manage to return her show of love and the special status she had given me. This is one of the not many regrets I have in this life.

Now I miss you nenek. I love yo nenek.

Ps. The above is dedicated to all cucus. Value that special relationship with all your grannies.

In response to TDM’s remarks that Malays are lazy

September 15, 2018

It is great to be lazy if you become more creative and inventive, to be in sync with your environment and things natural.

It is great to be lazy if your leaders favourite pastime is to put the blame on your ethnicity and your nationhood for their exploits and abuses and for their failure to lead, for trying to destroy your malaynness, for forcing you to discard your malayness.

Be proud ppl, be proud to be lazy to listen to racial stereotypes, old records with scratches and warts all over.

Dah maleh dah nak dengaq maknusia yg gemar stereotype camni.

Being a Malay, being a Javanese

September 12, 2018

Me a Javanese. Me a Malay,me a nusantaraman. Me an Asean people.

Javanese just like Malay is not ethnicity. It is the concept of nation, both are in fact the living borderless concept of nation often nudging each other to dominate the nusantara.

The spiritual and cultural capital of the Javanese nation has moved from Trowulan, the old capital of Majapahit to Demak to jogja to Solo. It is alive and kicking even when its military and economy were in shamble.

God has been very kind to present us ASEAN. The pragmatic Javanese in Jakarta are prepared to embrace Malayness for the bigger role in the new Nusantara.

They know very well that the Javanese Nation is well entrenched and looked after by the walis, what more with a powerful military and a stronger economy.

The best Soto is the sampurna restaurant near the flower market Amsterdam.