The Court Jester and the stand up comic at #pau2016

December 5, 2016

He reminds me of Dave Allan. Both made ppllaughed, both joked on religious matters, both made serious matters comical. Both were trying to send messages. 
One was cynical on the church, the other one was buttering jesting bantering his master and the courtiers, using funny one liners laced and interspersed with the scriptures. The king found the perfect 3 in one, a courtier, a jester and a dai’ who can make ppl listen to “religion”
Had it or will it made the ppl better? 

Are we so feudal, rotten, gutless and crap that we need a jester to tell the king that something is wrong out there? We are talking about serious issues of states here.

The Malaysian University Challenge – UTM 

December 2, 2016

To engage industry is never easy. The same view is held by industry “To engage University is never easy”. Ours is compounded by our size of economy and industry. It has to be accepted that in malaysia it is dominated by the Chinese.
In such a setting where the University is so Malay centric, Saudi and Pakistan inclined in its thoughts and culture and reflected in its policy and actions and the kopishop talk, that make your operation envelope even more challenging and difficult. Compare that to the World Universities that you have to compete with, such as NUS. They do not have the excess baggage that you carry. Where, if I may is the Andalusia mindset the many Muslim university scholars have been bragging or to put it nicely aspiring or romanticising?

Dare to Reclaim?  Question to the University Scholars  

December 2, 2016

My question was and is directed to all the learned and the scholarly in this group. 
When are you guys going to reclaim your scholarly titles (read ULAMA) and leaderships from the hijackers?

Go earn it guys, it’s your moral and religious responsibility. Focus on usable and functional knowledge, use it, spread it, otherwise the parable is the donkey laden with the kitabs on its back.

Pin drop silence 

A Drop of 44 Places for UTM THHE ranking 

December 1, 2016

Doesn’t it tell us also that the researchers, lecturers and the Management collectively are not as good as perceived , that they are good because there was MoNEY? That it drop in ranking partly because it has been hijacked and become a non syiah friendly institution. It is easy to conclude that the university ranking will drop because there is reduced allocation. Shouldn’t it also depend on the resourcefulness of its faculty and management? With all the brains and the money spent on each, Isn’t it unreasonable to expect for the university to rise to the challenge?


November 29, 2016

Yes sir, beware of merchants and religionists who trade God’s words.  
One of the WONDERS of the Quran, I personally discover, (without any intermediary) is that it has a built in DICTIONARY. It also has a built TEST MECHANISM for meaning of words. I think that is a brilliant design it to Protect the Message or any system. It fascinates me because as an engineer I try to use the concept of BUILT IN TEST to design systems, and it’s not easy. 
The merchants however manipulate the meanings, hijack words, trade them and become DemiGods to subject people to be under their control. That reminder is clearly stated in the QURAN, “beware of people who trade My words for pittance.,.”

Had, hudud, limits 

November 29, 2016

The word Limit carries the meaning boundries or border in English. In Malay HAD also carries the same meaning. The malay word HAD must have been derived from the arabic word, Hadd, Ha dal dal or hudud in arabic …. It is pretty simple.
Laws provide limits or boundries to govern human behaviour. Trangressing the limit set, invokes certain penalties and consequences. The same applies to divine laws.

The Quran limits the maximum punishment allowable. The maximum allowable punishment for stealing is “cutting” off the hand. (Not the death penalty) The act of cutting even in English , Arabic or Malay has several different meanings and severity. It can mean a simple marking or the extreme is severing. ( how about marking in your IC or passport???) So it is not as simple as the severing of the hand. 
Even after decreeing the punishment for stealing the subsequent verse states that GOD forgives after a thief repents. If God can be compassionate why can’t judges and authorities. So it is a non mandatory punishment. There is a ot of room for exercising wisdom and compassion. 
Contrary to the general perception, hudud is not just about punishments. Categorised as hudud are the guidance to the limit of inheritance, the rights of women, the law of adoption, weights and measures, the limit to witnesses and judges, marriages, contracts, the rights of the poor and orphans etc. ; (I must categorically highlight nowhere could I find in the Quran the death penalty for apostasy.)

The Golden Chersonese

October 12, 2016

I’m back.
The Golden Chersonese, who would blame the seafarers, to become landlubbers,Nadzru Azhari. It is the land of plenty, where water flows underneath, osmotically that is. 
After the last of the king of fruits had been savoured, the chempedak, the duku, dukulangsat are in season. The fish is aplenty, the tamarind and the tempoyak and the belanga, are but gifts to the masters of fine taste. 
But leave you have to, to test the porosity of the sea and the land and see His signs. 
This is your home port, where your anchor was casted and the seed of the Chengal took roots.