Aqal, qalbu, sadr and Fuaad

April 18, 2019

i wrote this moons ago

We can sense it, that there is this processor up in your head and deep in your abdomen/chest there is this centre for feel.

The one upstairs is the MIND and the one in your chest is the Qalbu. The Quran however makes 3 different distinctions of what is contained in the chest: the 3 components in the chest are Qalbu, sadr, and Fuaad.

Sadr is the organ that controls the biochemistry(enzymes, hormones, biochemeicals) that in turn determines, our mood, our desires, our emotion our feelings. Biologically I like to think that organ is the liver or hati in Malay. ( we Malays are correct)

Then there is the Fuaad, which I take is the chest which contains the heart or jantung. The flow rate,the chemical content and pressure of the blood is the resultant of the demand triggered by the biochemistry. Your heart pump faster or slower reacting to internal or external triggers which in turn determine your motor and brain and verbal reactions.

Qalbu is the core operating system. It is there in your chest but it’s not the heart. I take it as the combination of the organs plus the software. QALBU is the OS you upload and continuously upgrade or degrade. It is important you continuously upgrade and improve it.

The Aqal is the Software in the brain. It is the application program to execute, like It is the one that flip flop between yes and no, ioioioioio that determines whether the qalbu wins, or the sadr or the Aqal. We need to ensure SADR is under control and the OS is current and ALLAH compliance.


The parable of a tree

March 9, 2019

The parable of good/ kind words is like a good tree, whose root is firmly fixed and its branches high in the sky. It produces its fruit all the time and for people to take shelter under.

And the example of a bad word is like a bad tree, uprooted from the surface of the earth, not having any stability.

From the Quran

Racism Exists. Let us accept that

March 8, 2019

Racism exists. Let us accept that.

Let us also accept that there are many latent racists, closet bigots, god playing humanists and small time political opportunists here.

The primary danger we need to always bear in mind is perceptions can skew our objective minds. Because someone is the loudest, or some particular group is controlling the narratives the targeted group are made to be stereotyped as racists or discriminatory. Without realising, people get embolden in their narrow racial perception and drawn and drowned deeper in their own identity. The politics just add petrol to the fire.

As community leaders we are in for a challenging time ahead. How can we build instead of destroy.

I trust the personal anecdotes and experiences more than what other people say. Truth is, we experience more goodwill in our daily life than racism or bigotry. Share with us here if you experience racism bigotry and goodwills.

Then we have institutionalised discrimination in what ever form and for what ever reasons. That is a different subject matter although often wrongly categorised as racism.

Fitnah Cyber

February 10, 2019

I posted this in a WA group

If one forwards an article, we the recipients appreciate the extra effort to make sure there is a name who claims to be an originator or writer of the piece.

Sayang, walau sebaik mana pun sesuatu rencana, tanpa nama penulis ia jadi satu luahan yang tak berwibawa. Another cyber junk, and runs the risk of being classified as fitnah cyber. Sayang sekali

Di Group ini ramai Professors dan mereka tau apa itu traceability, tau apa itu ownership, dan tau apa makna citation apa itu rujukan.

Bila dah gila talak Politik

February 5, 2019

Politik ni macam nikah kahwin jugak ye?

Masa kawin semua baik. Bila dah bercerai ada Yang masuk keluar mahkamah syariah, Ada Yang gila talak, Ada Yang macam punggok, Ada Yang cium taik pun tak Bagi.

Samseng kampung yg dulu dikutuk sekarang dah jadi boifren, hehehe walaupun dah kerepot dia kata hensem. Tapi takpe, hati dah suka, cinta Kasih sayang berubah ubah tak macam hati Mat Rock yg keras macam Batu dan kaki Hindustan yg jiwangjiwang.

Kitorang yg hanya pandai layan hindustan Dan mat mat rok ni nasihat, move on Lah. Buat Lah Yang baik dengan Teman Dan boifren baru. Yang ex nak buat sukati depa. Berkhidmatlah sahaja, penuhi citacita, yang dulu tak dapat buat, Laksanakan.

Why TDM has to be blamed for low Palm Oil price

January 28, 2019

Mahathir visit to China was a big screw up. He brought up the issue of new colonisation under ECRL. That mere mention shut up the emperor and now we are suffering from that booboo, . It was not mere faux pas but typical mahathir who thinks he can tell the emperor of.

His service to the nation is done. Mahathir should let go the position of pm

He should have praised the OBOR to the sky, how visionary and farsighted that obor is. After the emperor gets intoxicated then you present your problems. China is anxious to show the world that it is anti corruption and for transparency. But mahathirs ego is too big.

If he refuses I start this campaign #MahathirResign

My 4c’s

January 16, 2019

my tribe has moved on to embrace the 4 C’s, cosmopolitanism, connectivity, competency and courage.

We know where our home port is, but we hv no issues anchoring at any other foreign ports or anchorage.

Suku tetap suku, Kalu tidak 3/4 Yang dikejar suku terlepas. Suku suku Lah

My religion is already liberating and simple and open.

As for politics I go for the politics of righteousness which however is non existence.