Makati – the New Walled City 

January 15, 2017

New World Makati. The service was immaculate. The location was strategic. That famed Makati, a heavenly sanctuary , in the chaos of Manila traffic and in a sea of the less privileged natives. The wall and the moats were still as solid as ever, in the fashion of the intramurros. It still functioned with the invisible wall to separate the elites and the classless natives. This time, it was the wall of economic disparity, the wall as unscalable as before and the crocodiles in the moats even more savage and hungry. 
I flew airasia that inspirational aseanEnterprise that we aspire to be. I did my singing and dancing with the Philipine Navy, the new Flag Officer in Command as my gracious host. 
Flying in, to KLIA was like entering Eden. Malaysians are just too critical, too kiasu for the wrong reason, about their country. #bekindtoMalaysia

Ponteng Class 

January 14, 2017

Dear Jerry,
I wish to inform you that Adam can only be back in Kolej on the 12th of Jan. 
He is currently with me in Europe. I decided to take him to travel with me as I thought would be useful for him, to experience winter and pick up some travel survival skills. We were in Paris for 3 days for which I hope will encourage him to be serious with his French too. 
The fare after the new year period is exorbitantly high. The cheapest fare for him to fly back is on the 10th. By the 12th he should be back in kolej to spend the weekend to get back to Kolej life. 
Happy new year to everyone at Imran. 
Thank you

Elitism vs Cronyism 

January 13, 2017

Cronyism occurs when rights, power, or leadership or/and authorities or/and influence are wrongly given to individual or group without distinctive abilities or attributes and without extraordinary skills, intellect or wisdom. 
Elitism is power, leadership, authorities, influence being RIGHTFULLY given to individual or group who posses distinctive abilities and righteous attributes, with skills, intellect and wisdom through a rigorous systematic process of selection.  
Trouble starts when elitism is understood or taken as hereditary, or an entitlement or when it is non porous or even when it is only defined as such. Then it becomes discriminatory and the ecosystem is rotten. It is utopian to say that we do not need elitism or it does not exist.  
One has to accept there are multiple systems and forms of elitism. A society must engineer or craft its own form and system of elitism. The best guide is the Book of Wisdom on the subject of Daulah, Authorities, power and right to inherit the earth.

Is Al- maun Small Acts of Kindness ?? (Edited) 

January 9, 2017

I initially thought and believed that alMaun in surah alMaun means small acts of kindness. That seems to be the standard translation in many tafseer including the one by Syed Qutb.

Being kind means that you do things beyond your obligations. Extending help, all acts of giving, volunteering, serving the community, making it easy for travellers and wayfarers, giving of food and drinks.
The word small means that the amount is trivial, the acts effortless, which reflect that material wealth, the bountiful good nature and the strength and power of the provisioner. Notice it is never specified and measured in absolute quantum, it is measured by the size of one’s heart, a measure of big heartedness.
Being small means one does not expect returns. The only return or recompense expected is from the almighty, the trust the promise of recompense by the Almighty.

Being kind extends to acts of compassion, empathising, loving, smiling, caring., caressing, huggings, touchings, being humane. An orphan deprived of fatherly or motherly love would value the show of love and care. It is beyond the material need, nor of food. The biggest small act of kindness is giving respect, love and dignity to people. It makes sense.

Woe to those who pray,

Who are heedless of their prayer, 

Those who make show,

and withhold simple assistance/deeds

Does a witholder of simple assistance and small acts of kindness merit to face retributions, to have woes befallen on him or her? That begs the question if Maun had been translated correctly to simple acts of kindness.

My respected thinker, and pandhita, Nadzru Azhari pointed out to me that Maun is not simple acts of kindness. It carries the meanings utensils, implements, tools, papiers (plans, softwares).

With that definition a new perspective unfold. The link to the two earlier verses, concerning feeding the needy, jive and now become seamless.

Have you seen the one who denies the Recompense?
For that is the one who drives the orphan, 

And does not encourage the feeding of the needy,

What if one extrapolates “toamilmiskeen” to mean the provisioning the needy by providing them the rods, the fishing nets or the employment of those in need. Miskeen being interpreted as those in need and not to mean the poor.Notice that by the choice of word, in need instead of poor for miskeen, we are giving dignity to the needy. That need include the need for jobs and education.

Imagine the empowerment, the giving of respect the dignity associated with the opportunity for  education, work and employment. Imagine the capacity building in the community by these acts of small kindness.

And finally, beware of those who make big show of  the acts. Are you unmindful of the recompense?

Now  IT makes sense to  give a man the tools and implement to fish rather than just feeding him. He is empowered, he gets his dignity back.

A leader, an imam and those in positions to give, an with this surah, the empowering of the needy become a responsibility. The provisioning of the needy means capability and capacity building, the withholding of which by the capable and powerful becomes woeful.

The withholder of small kindness – alMaun 

January 7, 2017

أريت الذي يكذب بالدِّين . فذالك الذي يدع اليتيم . ولا يحض طعام المسكين . فويل للمصلين . الذين هم صلاتهم ساهون . الذين هم يرآؤن . ويمنعون الماعون.

He reminds us about those who are in defiance of their Religion. They who are tardy to help the orphaned and the helpless . They who do not provide for the well being of the poor . Woe betide they who whilst they pray to God they performed tardiness and procrastination in giving urgent aid to the distressed and the needy and they in performing their prayers are at the same time not responding and reacting to their socioeconomic surroundings , for they are lost in the ostentatious perception of performing their prayers and they restrain themselves from providing the utensils for capacity building to their society .

The Malay rendition however is very peculiar to the Malay weltanschauung , that woe betide to those who delay in performing their prayers. He! He! The Malay tendance to his ritualism clouds his religion that he professes. He got it completely wrong.

This Surah captioned الماعون is about capacity building of society and how ‘ostentatious’ piety in prayers ‘delays’ the réaction to building capacity and empowerment .

NB; the above is pliagarised from bro Nadzru Azhari, FB posting

Hudud engineer 

January 7, 2017

Engineering is about ingenuity, the ability to create, innovate make things better following the HUDDUD or limits set by ALLAH. As an engineer I’m a practitioner of Hudud. Screw the debates on Hudud by religionists and politicians, for misleading the ummah to deeper abyss

Feeding the Needy or creating Employment 

January 7, 2017

As an entrepreneur, we get the pleasure of creating employment. It is our way of creating an ecosystem where there is a function and provision for everyone, not on a food chain where the weaks get walloped by the strings. 
I dislike the traditional definition of toa’milmiskeen “feeding” the needy, which to me is undignified. Give a man the fishing rod and nets , you give him dignity