the limit – had, hudud

Limit  or boundries or border in English. Had in malay,  Hadd, Ha dal dal or hudud in arabic …. how simple

Laws provide limits or boundries to govern human behaviour. Trangressing the limit set, invokes certain penalties, consequences. The same applies to divine laws, simply the extreme limits to what is allowable by God to guide mankind. Yet it is supposed to be so flexible, the balance of justice being determined by human wisdom and righteousness. That is the basis for the fundamental law of existence with the prime objective of being just and yet compassionate.

Why does it have to be exclusive? elitist? sacred? untouchable? Divine Laws are supposed to be simple, practical, just and fair.  Yet, mutiliations are too numerous: the inquisitions, the biblical justifications of Israel, Babri etc. etc  Daylight hijacking of divine laws, has been happening right  under the eyes of the ignorant masses,  Islamic Law, called Syariah, included.

To the masses, Syariah, seen as sacred, is often projected and percieved as incomplete without the so called hudud. It has been made so islamically exclusive, so priestly, so brahmin,  that the worldview of  islamic law, read hudud, is always associated with the amputation of the limbs, the stoning of adulterers, the killing of apostates. Blatant lies, I say.

I take the view that Hudud is nothing more than practical, Divine limits in dispensing justice. It is not cutting of the limbs and the stoning of adulterers. God simply  set the limits, in this case  to punishments. Lest we are ignorant, categorised as hudud are  the guidance to the limit of inheritance, the rights of women, the law of adoption, weights and measures, the limit to witnesses and judges, marriages, contracts,  the rights of the poor and orphans etc. etc. Those are hududs  and to strenghten my point of view ; without the death penalty for apostate.

The underlying principle  of divine laws is  compassion and the ability to exercise wisdom.

Let us call a spade, a spade. I call out loud “All earthly laws are man made including the syariah”. If a man made law, achieves what laws are made for, to dispense justice, and does not trangress the limits set by the Divine Being irrespective what it is called, I CONSIDER IT divine.  With all laws claiming to be just, the challenge   is to capture the spirit of compassion and to display wisdom. Even the Syariah MUST be subjected to the compassion test and the wisdom test.

And yet, a demon has been created by the name of HUDUD. A Guide for mankind has been made so tribal. For God sake go and challenge the so called “proffessionals”, guided by The Message!!

Do I subscribe to Hudud? Yes I do.





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