The Singapore Swing – post Asian Aerospace 2006

The song “gadis melayu” (Malay Girls) was made famous by a Singaporean singer Othman Hamzah. I agree with him, malay girls  generally belong to the category of  attractive, seductive, charming, and the superlatives described in the lyric.

This  fellow blogger, Ma Huan, a member of Admiral Cheng He Armada, first recorded this finding in the journal of the expeditions. He wrote in his journal how Malacca was the favorite Port of Call, the R&R capital for the sailors, primarily due to the hospitality and role played by the Malaccan women of the 14th century.

However, my numerous sojourns in Singapore have been frustrating and disappointing. Where are the malay beauties? Are they all wrapped up? Are the Singapore men so protective of the women folk? Or are they a different class that I do not see them in my normal day to day interactions. KL and Jakarta  and Manila are totally in contrast. The Malay Women are so visible and commanding but not in Singapore.

There was this girl who married a Malaysian tycoon. She did not look Malay to me. There was a also an ex Singapore Girl who married a Royal. They were classy!! But where are the rest?

My tour guide and partner in crime has been the focus of my frequent ridicule on this subject. Primarily because I am still carrying the title  the Boss he has not shown any signs of retaliation nor has  he ever left  me  having my dinner at the hotel restaurant alone.

He has taken me to numerous joints. The Orchard Tower to me was a poor attempt at trying to be sophisticated. Bangkok has more class and off course KL is way ahead in terms of sophistication. The numerous eating places, and watering holes from Chimes to the  Quays, Laupasat and the various hotel lounges were great disappointments.  

This last Asian Aerospace in Singapore, saw him improving his competency as the Entertainment Officer. Good effort Uncle  Aza!!

I  never had the “famous in Singapore” Bone Marrow Stew or Sup Tulang. The Anthony Bourdain in me agreed to the persuasion to go to Beach Road Food Court, a rather rundown eating place by Hygenic Singapore Standard manned by men and women of equal standard.  You will see the local girls, my chaperone tried to convince me. Yeah, there were a few but… where is that i***t Othman Hamzah!!!! 

The stew was a consolation. I enjoyed it. With all fingers stained red with the tomato puree or coloring in the stew I was ready to bunk. 

AZa had different ideas. WE headed for Tanglin to a pub called Marco. It better be good.

The parking lots were full with beemers and mercs. That was a good sign,. Well, I noticed a sign showing direction to a Health Centre too, but decided to be a good guest and Boss.

A four piece was performing with a boy girl duo singing. Impressive!!! .  It was a respectable performance. The repertoire was however limited to sixties and seventies rock and roll numbers.

 A good respectable crowd. Now, I see the natives.  They were the band boys and the drink hostess  and my accompanying officer.  Now , I see the Malay beuties. The patrons were the expatriates and the beemer driving citizens. There were Chinese looking   girls in scanty dresses. wow !! Not bad !!

Midnight and the real party started. So these were  the  table-top dancing Singapore Style, the Singapore Swing I called. The scantily dressed ladies took centre stage’ gyrating, purring  and suggesting. Not even topless. The most attractive performers were the two malay girls.  One did the most adrenalin driven belly dancing I have seen. The fact that she could do two numbers spoke volumes of her stamina. The other was charming but was more obsessed with her guest for the night. Anyway ..

But the girls were running away from us. None of the girls approached us. We were served by a beer boy. It must be Uncle Aza”s bad luck again. He  did not shave his goatie and I complained. 

I hope it was not racism. Coincidently,  there was an interesting article in the Straits Times I read over breakfast.  The writer  advocated addressing  racism in the open in Singapore. Racism exists she admitted, a difficult  but respectable admission being   a member  the majority in Singapore.

 Racism by a native to a fellow native? I hope not. Uncle Aza just has to frequent this place  and start tipping the girls for the girls to  take notice. Othman Hamzah was right after all. I had a good time and  had  the time for my Davidoff too.  


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