the lonely last journey

I heard the news

A friend on life support

He is gone a partner said

So I told other friends

No he has not, a friend verified

we were glad it was wrong

and the morning message said he is gone

It must be a lonely last journey

Friends are busy

Partners are busy

so that the company lives on

and the spouse is busy

so that the undertaker is taken care of
so that the wake are joyful

so that the family lives on

so that things are normal

and the children are busy

schooling working and growing

Lucky you it was quick

You see the sign

when you are sick

You see the sign

when you are alone

You see the sign

When you want to do nothing

You see

how superficial relationships are

friends, partners,spouses, lovers,children, brothers, sisters

You say it is unconditional

lovers say it is eternal

do not bull me He said

it is but a fleeting game

I am closer to you than your jugular vein


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