the common quest for gold – commonwealth game 06

The Comonwealth game, like the one that has just ended in melbourne, is such an important event in the calendar of the British Commonwealth. It is one event that make the commonwealth visibly relevant. Analyzing the medal tally is great fun and provides reality checks and several interesting perspectives of the commonwealth. Consider these

  • 39 made it to the medal tally out of 53 member states
  • The white commonwealth, Australia, canada and England, occupy the top 3 spots with 90% of the gold
  • THe 3 countries plus tiny Singapore are the only 4 with developed status
  • The poorest country in the world is in the list
  • the country with the lowest mortality rate is also in the list
  • Only Malaysia, India, Jamaica and Kenya are the non white that made it to the top ten

Consider the following personal thoughts and personal knowledge,
limited I must confess, on those countries ocuppying the bottom of the
table. Almost all made it to the table with a single bronze. An
achievement being able to compete and share the podium with the
old master, enough to make the winner heroes in the home country
and justify the anglophillic inclination of the country elites

  • Swaziland a country with a lucky king who can choose his pickings
    of annual brides in an annual festival. the country life expectancy
    is32.2 years, the lowest in the world
  • Barbados, who still prefers to be a colony. It is a place to keep
    your money, enjoy the beach and paradise. Who need independence if you could have paradise.
  • Mozambique, a misfit considering that it is an excolony of Portugal. I remember mozambique being made famous by bob dylan
  • Seychelles, the commonwealth game in seychelles? no way. Where will you be, the earth is warming the tide is rising
  • Botswana,lesotho, Bangladesh,trinidad, tobago,Fiji, malta…. made it to thebottom of the medal table

If I were the queen, I would not be proud to see the bottom of my
commonwealth. If I were the archbishop of Canterbury I would not be
pleased with the material well being of my flock. If I were a world
class athelete, I would not be proud to earn a gold medal against these minnows.

But where else could grannies compete in lawn bowling ifnot the commonwealth? where else could the master and the
ex subjects compete fair and square? Where else could you nudge
and jab the old master? if not in the gentlemen club called
the commonwealth.

The medal table reminds me that there are just too many countries I
have not visited.


One Response to the common quest for gold – commonwealth game 06

  1. hafidzah says:

    interesting observation. i admit gloating when we beat england for the bronze in hockey and in all honesty it was more of that rather than the sporting spirits shown by team.

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