national schools versus Chinese school – show us you are smart honorable minister

National schools in Malaysia have come under severe bashings lately. Over-islamisation has been cited as the core reason for the poor patronage from non malay as well as some malay parents. In discussing the emotive subject of education, another emotive subject has been introduced: religion.

Remember missions school? Muslims and non Christians, have been sending thier children to mission school for one and only reason: quality education. They did not mind the crosses,the hymns, the bible study, the images of jesus and mary, and the many visible insignias and forms.

Religion would not be a major issue as long as universal values and principles are promoted and as long as it is non imposing. Present day parents are no different with the exception of the chauvinists and the racists. We are presented with choices and what is better in our opinion will obviously be our choice.

Politically, the honorable minister of education carries the responsibility to push the national agenda, to make national schools the schools of choice amongst malaysians. The primary competition for the hearts and minds of malaysians is the competition between National schools and chinese schools. In the affluent neighbourhood of Petaling Jaya, two schools , SRK taman Megah and SRK yuk Chai, sited next to each other, exemplify the reasons why the honorable minister is not winning.

Physically these are schools of contrast. The Chinese SChool, has a big playing field, a beautiful and big Hall, a few badminton and basketball courts, a beautiful compound an imposing building with character.

The National school SK Taman Megah occupies a standard Government Design building and has none of the above facilities. Recently reported was the opinion of the honorable prime minister that school buildings are buildings, there is no need to build schools which is architecturally pleasing and with character.

Aaah, I know, justifying the posh settings of Putra Jaya and the “abu Nawas” bridges has been diificult for you. So, out is the policy for all national schools are to have standard, design, basic facilities in order to produce “first class” minds, as you put it in your parlimentary address. THese two schools are perfect examples of the outcome of your policies. Imagine, and fast forward your thoughts on the products of the two school systems.

But honorable minister, The physical differences is so glaring that puts you and the prime minister in poor light and one that will not be able to win the hearts and minds of the populace in affluent PJ. Isn’t this an opportunity honorable minister to show your seriousness in making national school the scholl of choice? This is a real bonus, for a racially charged education and political system that you practice. SK TAman Megah has the following racial statistics; 60%chinese,30%Malay, and 10% others

I would capitalise it if I were you. I would also be worried. I think the bashings are due to the mediocre state of the education system, and the physical state make it visibly so. Over islamisation may not be the real issue. We just need quality education for our children and if we could get it from chinese schools or religous schools so be it

More on the successes of SK Taman Megah and how you should ride on success to breed succeses in my future jottings

11 Responses to national schools versus Chinese school – show us you are smart honorable minister

  1. Azie says:

    I cant help it but to agree to every word stated here.My two sons went to SK Taman Perling in JB. Next door to it is SJK(C) Pei Hwa.Separated by this green fence.One could go to each other’s compound through this gate specially put up for this purpose.
    The chinese school has a big hall, fully-aircond classrooms,well-designed buildings, big playground, big fully-sheltered waiting bay for the students to queue for the school buses and many more. The next national school is as standard like many others all over Malaysia except that for the big hall under construction, initiative of the school and the PIBG.Yet this school like SK Taman Megah in PJ has been attracting Chinese and Indians in the area.In the recent UPSR result, a long list of non-malays amongst the top 5A achievers.
    Last week in Batu Pahat, as I enrolled my second son in a national boy school SK Monfort, I saw something similar except that this school a convent school located next door to a church with a huge virgin mary statue along side.More than half of the students are non-malays.I took a chance to glimpse through a long list of recent UPSR result posted on the main notice board and as expected long list of non-malays achieving the 5As.
    I guess there are many others of this kind of national school existing with coalition of various races achieving good results.Yet why aren’t they learnt, I mean the Edcationist beucrats,that national mainstream ought to revamp accordingly cos the non-malays are now integrating thus breaking the mindset the national schools are for malays.Could it be the rural schools? Hey look..the urban educated non-malays are integrating well and doing well…so, what to wait for..the rurals will tag along as they too will benefit in the long run.
    Honestly,I dont see the need for these sekolah jenis.There should be one type of national school comprising of these various races of students.They have to socialize and integrate, work together from young going through the same learning process of a lifetime.English is a main language of instruction while malay , mandarin , tamil or many other aborigine languages be the mother-tongue language which they have to take as a subject.Anybody is free to learn any language as a subject.No boundary to learn about each others’ ethic, culture and values.
    Hisham and his team has got to learn to ensure malay students overall to be fit to compete.The time has come for him to overthrow the mediocre mindset of the malays be it students or the civil servants or the rural malays or else the majority malays will lose and continue to lose.
    I am here to champion this perspective and setting the message across by sending my son of Kampong Bagan, Parit Besar to a convent boy school in town.

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  3. Khoo says:

    As an educator, sometimes I do wish (I know it’s wishful thinking!) that our government has the ability to upgrade National Schools as how the SJK (C)s r doing! Yes, SK Taman Megah has been performing well- we scored 52.79% in excellence (full As) in the UPSR 2006 and 42.80% this year. Our robotic team SARbot became 1st runner up in the Open Category, World Robot Olympiad in Taiwan and we were also given The Most Popular Team award. Teachers, pupils n parents of all races mix freely . Constructive comments are welcome if it can make the school a better place for our children.

    If the school is upgraded physically, it will definitely provide a more conducive teaching and learning environment. We do not have to be classified a Cluster School before we do well. Excellence in our children is a shared effort between teachers, parents, the pupils themselves and the community. However small an effort we put in, we hope that it will be reflected in the children in years to come- a well-balanced individual who will contribute richly to our community.

    So parents n teachers, let’s come together in making our school a place we will continuously take pride in. To all the supportive parents out there, TQ fr the bottom of our hearts. We know that without u, we will not be where we r today!

  4. Azuri says:

    i’m of the student that staudy at chinese school. my first experience is very nervous and scared bacause i’m blurrr..but the end, 3 years, i become a succeed student at Chinese school…i’m very proud of it…For those want to join Chinese school, is very good for you because more experience can you get….

  5. Lawrence says:

    Mdm Khoo,

    Could I have the PTA email address for SK Tmn Megah, PJ? I would like to seek assistance on transportation to the school as my child shall be attending your school next year 2009.


  6. Siti Aqilah Rahmat says:

    I am a student who study in chinese school, but i’m a malay student.
    I start studying mandarin when i was kindergarten. This year, I sitting for UPSR . After i know my result, i can say all my hardwork and all the confidence is worth it. I got 6A, 1C. I am so thankul to my teacher and to my parents who suffer and being a supporting parents. All i can say to other is keep study till u old. And be confidence to yourself..

  7. inspigoblog says:


    Congratulations. SKTM is a very good school. The standard of English is excellent, they are top in UPSR and robotics and many others. Most importantly, the kids will have a happy childhood while being competitive and having friends without noticing color or creed.

    try this

    have a look at their top robotic team See how jason, safia, mirza and syu-yen are having fun

  8. Herz says:

    Currently, my son is studying in SJK Yuk Chai. He has doing pretty well in his kindergarten but failed almost all the subject except for English which he get averagely around 95. He asked me why he managed to get good marks for his BM and Math during kindergarten and he cant do well in Std 1. And kept asking me why the teachers speak in chinese when teaching english/bm and math. I know for sure I need to change him to national school as he started to loose interest in studies. Is SK Taman Megah a good school? I prefer the balance ratio of races.

    • inspigoblog says:

      herz, you ask any ex students of SKTM, you ask any parents of SKTM most likely you will get great reviews of SKTM.
      It is an example of a functioning Sek kebangsaan devoid of politics and bigotary. Minus those deadly venoms, taman megah is the kind of school that you can compare with the best in Malaysia and can stand on its own against its peers inthe world as demonstrated with its handling of the twinning programs with its TWIN in Australia.

      • Herz says:

        wow.. thank you for your reply. May I know great review in terms of the quality of the students or teachers there or the results?

  9. Liza says:

    Hi, My daughther has been in Mandarin school (SJKC Puay Chai2) since strd one till now, strd 3. But she was not happy due to peer pressure and bundles of homework and recently was telling me more frequently about it.

    Her educare teacher approached me recently and told me that my daughther’s examination’s mark has been dropping drastically, esp for Mandarin subjects and suggested that I change her to Sekolah Kebangsaan. I’m considering SKTM now and would like to check if there’s any criterias to meet such as our home address? Thank you.

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