a weekend in langkawi- of fishing, otters, tidal prediction and my most dangerous sport

The sport; Sembilang fishing competing against a family of otters

The company: me and my brother in law,M

The location: the jetty at the river mouth, Sungei Melaka Langkawi.

The ambience; The heaven in its full glory with the second day cresent rising above the distant mountain. Perfect weather.

The main act: enter the competition,  a family of memerang or otters descended into the river. There must be about twelve of them. Thier sense of timing was perfect. As soon as they descended the tide started rising in perfect timing. It left me astounded. Here we were trying to figure out when the tide will come and this family of memerang showing us the science of tidal prediction. It was His creation in its full glory again.

The winner: the memerang. We did not get a single bite for the next 45 minutes after the memerang descended. Only after the water level was reasonably high, did we get some little bites from some tiny sembilang and duri.

Lesson learnt: Do not fish where there are otters in the vicinity. Memerang has perfected the science of tidal prediction.

The unexpected Q: What was the most dangerous sport you have done, abang?

The unexpected A : women

I did not say womanising, that was for sure. My love for langkawi was  getting more serious.


4 Responses to a weekend in langkawi- of fishing, otters, tidal prediction and my most dangerous sport

  1. catwoman says:

    “women” – d most honest answer…
    I received a phone call from Ulu Sungei Melaka that night, “yang…. perut dah lapar…. ikan tak lapar lagi….” no wonder… memerang…

  2. inspigoblog says:

    correction correction…my respect for women, women are no sport. women play the role of partners and cheer leaders in the dangerous sports

  3. hafidzah says:

    that was not the most honest answer. it was blantantly chauvanist and not witty at all.

  4. inspigoblog says:

    Didnt I make that correction? women are no sport! i tried to make that correction by elevating women to partners in this sport or game called LOVE or SEX or PASSION. the choice of the word women was spontaneous and colloquial. wit was the least in my mind. In between wine women and song, i thot women represent the game of LOVE, Passion and SEX. Apologies to women who may be offended. relax, there is no need to be uptight and be gender defensive. men need women, women need men. man protect women, women protect men.

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