national school vs chinese school #2 – throw the challenge honorable minister

Image_91_sports day.JPG school is fun!!!! sports day at taman megah (rachel, yie jean, xue mei, nadia, cheah wei)

I have never realised the seriousness of racial polarisation in the school system in malaysia until i read a leader in one newspaper today- only 6% chinese patronize national schools. This is a big surprise and can mean many things. It can mean that the national schools are so crappy or the chinese just want mother tounge education or the chinese are becoming more chauvinist or the chinese administrators and educationists are so good or mandarin is the way to go or…. the list is endless.

yeah.. the statistics can mean different things to different people.

Your intent,honorable minister, to strenghten the national schools, to make them SMART schools and to offer Tamil and Mandarin as options to all are commendabe. The bottom line is national schools are to be made world class. That is the way to go.

If I were you, beside making known where the money is going, i would also throw a challenge to the chinese community, show improvement in the statistics. Otherwise, with all the genuine effort being put, after a reasonable period of time, and if the response is still below expectation then you can upgrade the hypothesis to a theory that chauvinism is the reason or a government within a government is a reality.

There is a quick way of sending a message. In a school like Taman Megah where the enrolment is 60% chinese, i would reward them for their trust and loyalty to the system of choice.

If all the above efforts fail, i will just let them loose. The chinese could have chinese schools, the malays could have malay schools, the ibans could have iban school, just like the world we wish to emulate and just like the way it was in the thirties.


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