me? a bohemian?

Am I a bohemian? Someone called me a bohemian today.

I had a long post lunch conversation with a few business friends today; about life, religion, bringing up kids and the society we live in. I told her that i am one with very few restrictions very much like what i have written in my first blog, hello world. As a parent, my stand has always been non imposing, always trying hard not to be judgemental. I always tell them that they are accountable for their own deeds or misdeeds. Do not blame God as divine involvement I believe only brings all things good. i always encourage them to discover and follow the Books and not me.

The point I am getting at is do not blame me. You may credit me though but only for insisting that you read the books.

You are a bohemian! like me! that is how i have been treating my children she said.

So here I am opening the World book dictionary looking up for Bohemia, bohemian, bohemian brethren. A bohemian is one who leads a carefree and unconventional life very much like the gypsies and emulated by artists, painters, writers. A bohemian brethren is a follower of the pre-Reformation christian Association denying the apostolic succession.

Me? not quite on the dot. Not physically at least, although I could and must admit I used to. The Master, The connnaisuers of  free food  alias dangdutman is probably the nearest to a bohemian. And I dare not take that away from a true bohemian.

My unconventional and carefree thoughts? I let my thoughts roam freely and If that qualifies me to be a bohemian then you could guess how free is the society we are in now.


2 Responses to me? a bohemian?

  1. hafidzah says:

    hee hee . i like that last sentence. very sardonic.

  2. inspigoblog says:

    although sardonic can means sarcastic, i like it as disdainfully humorous. disdainfully means domineeringly deriving wry pleasure

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