travel the world and glorify Him

Image(02).jpg the beauty of the Atlas. Paradise in aridland.

Business, pleasure and leisure. Those are the common reasons for travel. THere are those who travel for relationship, for education and for survival.

Amazingly, God commands men to travel for many other reasons. Glorify me when you see My creations. Learn from the civilisations He has destroyed. Travel to escape oppressions, injustice and persecutions.

At the other end of the scale we hear of sex tours and travel to execute crime.

I travelled widely during my student days but it was confined to mainly continental Europe. I met many wonderful people made many friends and made a man out of a boy. My only regret was not crossing the atlantic. LAKER was the pioneer of no frills flights. It was 99 pounds return to New York. Eurorail was 84 pounds.

AS my first vocation was with the NAVY, I did a little bit of travel. JOin the navy , sail the seven seas! they say. Not quite in my case. The Straits of Malacca, The Straits of Johore, The South China Sea, The Sulu Sea, The Singapore Straits…not impressive I must say. The furthest was Kota Belud. The mission was to bring in the Bajau horses and horsemen for the KIng Coronation. The foul horse shit smelling voyage on an ancient ark travelling at 7 knots was no cruise. That ended my love for the navy.

I must credit this Indonesian maid we had for reviving my interests in travel and for changing my view on South East Asia. We were taking her along to the open market in Batu Pahat. To my amazement, for someone who has just been to the country barely a month, she knew so many people at the market. Her explanation was classy, Batu Pahat is only 20 miles across the Straits of Malacca from her home in Bangkalis. To her Batu Pahat was just another town but to me Indonesia was so alien and foreign. I have not even set foot in Indonesia. I was dwarfed by her worldview.

The following week I booked a ticket to Jakarta. I stayed at the Regent for a good 4 days.  It was the beginning of my love for the archipelago and South East Asia.

To my young friends who read this, travel the world to glorify Him. You will find pleasure, leisure, knowledge, friendship and many other things as bonusses.


2 Responses to travel the world and glorify Him

  1. norman says:

    den nak pegi new york boleh? norman gi spain june nih for 16 days!

  2. hafidzah says:

    eden baru balik dari penang.

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