a big five o

A close buddy turned 50 last Saturday. We had a gathering of the Band of Brothers. Unlike our usual gatherings, this was a rather sombre ocassion. For a start there were prayers and thanksgiving. There were still the vain talks but there were a lot more serious discussions.

I realised how significant the big five o is. Z congratulated the birthday boy. What for he asked boyishly. You should be thankful you reached 50, Z replied.

I assumed RO must be past 50 when he said he is already counting his daily bonus. Genetically, the records of his siblings has not been impressive. One did not get past 55 and and the other 60 and he said he would be grateful if he gets past 70.

When I got home, I reached for this book which I bought some time ago " Younger Next Year- how to turn back your biological clock" by Dr Henry S Lodge and Chris CRowley. THe first few chapters have been interesting. The objective is not just aging gracefully but filling it with joy. It advocates that Aging is actually decay but decay is optional. It is about aging in a fit and healthy state. Biologically over time we will look old, but we do not have to act old or feel old.

I know the last sentence is unconventional. In a society where growing old means fitting into some routines, styles and even the way we dress, that concept will not be popular particularly with the spouse. Tell her it is not gender sensitive.The advice is actually applicable to both genders.

To the contrary, the pro has been advising that the intent and program to get younger next year would be most effective with a secure partner. Hang on to her man. Forget this idea, AR, of putting on a t shirt: WiFE pensioned me AVAILBLE. If she is still not interested after your attempts of reengagement, then it is a different story. THe bottom line is You NEED A PARTNER.

To those lwho are still on the search, do not give up. My advice is for you to redefine your probably stiff criteria. Alternatively, you may consider seeing a bomoh who normally would recommend mandi bunga. I repeat the advice of the pro, You need a partner to improve your chance of getting past 70.

Even if you have not reached 50, the planning for the next one third, has to begin in earnest. It is no different with the planning you did when entering the second one third i.e when you were to embark on your working life. The only different here is that this is likely to be your last third.

To all brothers who read this, go get this book. THere is another book which i have bought " the rest of you life is the best of your life".


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