breakfast in batu pahat


the best lontong in town, with 50 years of history


ketupat and not nasi impit in lodeh with succulent toufu, uniquely batupahat

the famous bp kopi, you may ask for kopi taik musang

Image(121).jpgthe original malaysian kedai kopi, not even called kopi tiam

Image(120).jpgsatay for breakfast, still looking for the thumbnails of asam pedas and mee rebus and soto

spring time in BP, cherry blossoms. fotos taken with nokia 9500 early april 2006.


2 Responses to breakfast in batu pahat

  1. Nadia Esham says:

    ello abah!!!nice blog!!!cool articles!!!hahaha!!!!!lolz!!!!hihihi!!!!naper tak letak gambar pau???nanti kedai pau tu popular….!!!haha!!tak tau aper nak cakap!!!bye bye abah!!!luv u!!!

  2. inspigoblog says:

    a smart comment and proposal. I will take the foto/thumbnail at the next opportunity. the pau is pagoh not bp.

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