the sperming rhino ooops….squirming rhino gentlemen club

I call it the sperming rhino. The Squirming rhino suddenly became famous because of Prince Harry. DIRTY HARRY the Sun said. The poor lad was having a graduation bash at this gentlemen club with his mates. The papparazzi smell blood.

I have been to this gentlemen club. It is located along Tottenham Court Road quite near my UCL. No, I did not visit it during my student days, neither did I visit it to celebrate my graduation, for obvious reason. It is only for princes and gentlemen with cash to spend. My last visit was after the farnborough air show. Well, Paris is the Crazy Horse, London is the squirming rhino. Not in the same category but …the way they dress  or not dressed are similar.

Well if you consider Crazy Horse as decent, then this place is also decent. The only difference is that at the gentlemen club you literally can get very close to the hostess or dancers. No touching is allowed though. close but no touching. It is a place you go for a party with your mates. It is a place to horse around and to wind down, after a day of standing and walking at the exhibition. However, I would still not recommend you to bring the missus not like the crazy horse.

It is very civil and cultured. THe dress code is determined by the burly bouncers at the door. It is safe to dress well. It is the United Nations in there. The girls are generally very classy, smart in a way because they can engage you in a decent  and intellectual manner. Not slutty and bitchy. Not like Bangkok or low class Singapore.

I can consider taking norman out for a night out. Maybe after your graduation and if you behave.

I am writing this in defence of harry. It is not going to do him harm, nor is the term dirty harry fair. It is a decent club.period.

My only regret is that it is going to be crowded with the world wide publicity caused by the rascal.


One Response to the sperming rhino ooops….squirming rhino gentlemen club

  1. norman says:

    yeay.! i’ll behave!

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