national school vs chinese school #3 – SK Taman Megah Sports Day,wish you were here honorable minister

Image(107).jpgthe sportgirl of the year with friends

Image(104).jpg Image(109)1.jpg Image(105).jpg

anticipating and raring. Honoring the winners and celebrating together

Image(101).jpg Image(102).jpg

teaching responsibility and service as Malaysians

SK Taman Megah, a national school in affluent PJ, is unique . It has a student mix of a typical  Malaysian urban setting, Chinese majoritywith a healthy Malay and Indian representation. That statistics alone would give you enough reason to celebrate, honorable minister.

Last week the school, organized its 16th Sports Meet. As the school does not have its own field, the sports meet was held a good 15 km away at the Matshushita Stadium Shah Alam. Courtesy of a generous parent.

I wish you were here ,Honorable Minister. In my opinion, the school serves a good model of the success of a National School. Success breeds more success. There are just too many bad news related to national schools. If you are looking for a success story,something to leverage on it then the SK Taman Megah is the perfect model.

I wish you were in attendance because you see a snapshot of a functioning system; an able headmistress, a bunch of dedicated teachers, a professionally run event, enthusiastic and competitive future Malaysians, and parents who have faith in the system you advocate. You see and hear English and Malay being comfortably used officially and unofficially. You see Malaysians forgetting their Malay”ness” and Chinese”ness” and Indian”ness”, cheering, celebrating the winners and consoling the losers as Malaysians.

These are the Malaysians that have faith in the national school system. These are Malaysians that voted you in without being conscious of our skin colours. These are Malaysians that need to be rewarded. What better way than picking one which will make you smart, meant what you say, politically correct thing to do, gain political mileage and puts substance to what empowering means.

I repeat; Success breeds success. If I were you, I would spin something from the success of SK Taman Megah. The least you would achieve is to make all advocates of the national school, the teachers in particular, something to cheer, to feel good after all the constant bashings.

Wish you were here.

This writing is dedicated to the Headmistress, the teachers, the sportsgirls and boys and all parents of SK Taman Megah. I am proud of you.


14 Responses to national school vs chinese school #3 – SK Taman Megah Sports Day,wish you were here honorable minister

  1. hafidzah says:

    woweee sportsgirl of the year……..the one with that thick rimmed black glasses is she?

  2. Khoo says:

    Pn Khoo here. Am indeed happy to know that there are people out there who appreciates all that dedicated teachers are trying to do. We do know that success comes from parents and teachers working together, hand in hand. Let’s come together for the future of our children, for the future of our country- Malaysia.

  3. inspigoblog says:

    Pn Khoo, i am honored to have your response. I am convinced the system is workable. if it is understood , well led, managed and administerd,
    Let us hear from other parents and teachers.
    Let us challenge the politicians, our representatives to respond.
    You put it rightly, this is the future of malaysia. SKTM represents HOPE.

  4. Scorpionstar says:

    I am happy to know that there is a school with a balanced mix of all races.
    Wish there could be more of these type of schools. Hoewever this is not an important factor for success.

    What is of primary concern is good quality teaching, removal of discrimination and racism, limiting religious sermons to classroom(not in assemblies) and good administration. Be sensitive to others feelings, don’t be self-centered and wail for religious rights. Best, leave religion out of school compound.

    Thanks for your comment!

  5. inspigoblog says:

    there are many malay parents who are against the arabization of schools by overzealous arabphile. The Islamic schools is perhaps the solution for those who prefer such. With Chinese prefering chinese school it is perhaps a solution to allow SRJK (MELAYU) leaving the SK for those who subscribe to schooling without vernacularism. if I were the min of Education I would give a big chunk of funding to SK, build the best facilities, the best teachers, the acess to languages etc to make it the school of choice, because it is the best hope for the future. He is doing not too badly that Hishamuddin.

  6. Erica says:

    wat standard are you??I class 3M

  7. inspigoblog says:

    My children are in std 2, 5 and 6. You are lucky to be in a good school, taman megah. Be good, study hard and enjoy your schooling

  8. MY says:

    Which secondary school will be transferred to upon completion of Std 6 at SK Tmn Megah?

    Anyone can recomend the day care or tuition center near SK Taman Magah for working parents?

  9. Ong says:

    Many of ex-SKTM students are in SMK BU (3), Taman Sea, DJ or DU upon completion of Std 6.

    Anybody know when is the “Malam Tanglong” to be held at SKTM this year (2009)?

  10. Eva says:

    Hi Pn Khoo,

    We stay in SS23/5. I have just registered my daughter in your school for std 1 next year. Will she be eligible to enter. Some people said that my daughter will be put in sk damansara jaya with the address mentioned.

  11. inspigoblog says:

    Eva, I will forward your comment to Pn Khoo.

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