go on mr dJAY spin that BRIDGE song again and again and again

The song is Bridge over trouble water. Was It Bread or the Carpenters or the Garfunkel? Oooh.. I am losing my touch. Mr J is the Jockey, versatile and multi-talented. He does disc, video and media.

It is a special breed this jockey with a capital JAY. Not only is he a competent DJ, VJ or MJ he is a very savvy and versatile jockey. He could ride on your expensive cars, he could ride on the water buffaloes or kerbaus, cows and bulls or  lembus, and even men and women who are willing to be harnessed and held by the ears. The kerbaus have off course need to be harnessed by the nose.

The BRIDGE song is special as it evokes emotions. The beautiful lyrics could mean different things to different people. It could mean bridging as in relationships and can also mean a physical bridge. Engineered, S shaped or Scenic, it does not matter. In a country where Bridgomania or "penyakit gila jambatan" was first discovered this song has been very useful as an inoculation of the general public, including the kerbaus and lembus. It is known to soothe any visible symptoms and stop outbreak of the epidemic.

Bridgomania is a serious illness. One who is infected would design, build bridges, titis, and jambatans even over a flat, undivided terrain. There have been reported cases where lakes and rivers were created to fulfill this unsatiable desire for known bridgonmanias. Quite similar to Abunawas, remember the guy who built gates without fences in Baghdad of yore? We used to laughwhen the 1001 nights folklore was narrated.

Well done Mr J, your last spin has proved to be effective. Bridgomania is now under control.

I admire your skill. Your chattering, before and during your spinning of the song has been effective in soothing heartaches as a result of bridging and un-bridging relationships. We all face these problems in making and breaking relationships.

Nevertheless, I must point out something. Your last spin, showed a serious flaw in your capability. I expect you to be world class, towering and you can claim to be so. There are many emerging Jockeys around, urbane, classy, no nonsense, sharp, business like. You are still a kampongite. I am not saying being a kampongite is bad or flawed, but you cannot apply Kampongite customs traditions and practices when dealing with these new emerging DJs. So it is you who is flawed. You are still not classy, business like in dealing with the new emerging DJs. That will be a separate subject.

Imagine you riding the kerbau while spinning this song Bridge over troubled water. A bit out of place, innit? Maybe we should have a dondang sayang version. Imagine riding a kerbau amongst Jockeys riding horses? you lose face, and maybe your kerbau also.


One Response to go on mr dJAY spin that BRIDGE song again and again and again

  1. ZAA says:

    One of my good friends is currently organizing a reunion party for disco-goers of the late 80s era. It would be the same old DJ, the same old music; albeit in a modern surrounding (Esplanade Garden, KL). Judging from the number of responses received, it seems that even old songs spinned by old DJs are still relevant in the context of the here and now.

    But strictly provided that the DJs have progressed along; no longer spinning LPs on turntables but spinning laser discs and playing on MP3s. Therefore the key lies in the DJ himself; he’s the one to know ways to move the crowd, to make the songs seem relevant and to ensure that the music never dies. If he sticks to using his old techniques, say, at The Cellar, Baze or Faces, he runs a real risk of facing a stiff crowd.

    DJs have been known to have the aura to make or break a party. It is also this kind of aura that is vital to each relationship. It acts as an invisible bridge that cements the bond between two people.

    Sometimes this invisible bridge bonds stronger than an actual, physical one. A physical bridge can be broken by a tsunami, or simply goes out of order, and have to be replaced so as to reinstall that bond. Sometimes to reinstall, one takes time off to re-examine the relationship, and at times this in itself becomes a thorny issue.

    When things get sticky, or sour, or however we wish to describe it, perhaps it’s time to seek for answers deeper than the few layers of bricks that makes a bridge. Perhaps it’s time for a little soul-searching. Which requires tact. Knack. Plus a lot of diplomacy and wisdom.

    And of course, a good DJ to do it…

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