Image(201).jpg giant anchovies at the Tawau fish market.

Image(202).jpg To nunukan (it is a kan not a C**t)


Note: I have divided this writing into 4 parts

  1. Tawau Part 1 – humbling a citizen of the world
  2. Tawau Part 2 – Little Surabaya
  3. Tawau Part 3 – Nusantara is the Malay Archipelago / debunking Usman Awang
  4. Tawu Part 4 – Departure
  5. Tawau Part 5 – My present day Tawau.

Every day for the next few days I am going to post each one.

For someone who is not into deep sea fishing, logging or plantation, to do a business trip to Tawau would have raised suspicion with the spouse. I did just that. The objective was genuinely for networking and off course travel.

The trip taught me, citizen of the world, about me, about my malayness, my home port, about the archipelago, about the very basic things that I have not touched base with, about life.

When the pilot did his usual “good morning this is your captain” brief, I had my first lesson in geography that Malaysia is such a vast country. Tawau is 2400 km away from KL. The flight is going to take 2 hrs 40 minutes. Wow!! Taa-Wau!! Compare that to Jakarta or Bangkok. Imagine flying from Langkawi to Tawau. Remember Dari Perlis sampailah ke Sabah ?. This is like going to Surabaya!!

To be continued. Little Surabaya. Along, what do you think? Do you prefer small doses like this or should I post it at one go.


One Response to *Tawau

  1. mooke says:

    in my opinion, if you want to post all in one go – you should set the blog setting to be one post per page (since your entries are v. long)

    Go to Dashboard >> Options >> Reading >> Change the Blog Pages to Show at most 1

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