Of intellectual wankers and the BIG Mac (Mutual Admiration Club )

M. Bakri Musa wrote an obituary of the prolific literary Giant Anatoer Premoedyna Toer in the Sun. The article appeared again in his personal Blog and posted in many other e-groups.

I first read this article in his blog. I thought the site was different because I could see some vigorous exchange of opinions and not a place for “intellectual wankers”, and also not a BIG MAC place, pardon my terms. Big MAC stands for Mutual Admiration Club. Sorry, Datuk Mac, this is a different Mac.

I responded to the article, by posting a comment. I wrote in defence of Malay culture, which is clearly being bashed in the article. The fact that it appeared in the Sun, left the Malay masses, the practitioners of and owner of the culture no avenue to defend and offer a different perspective.

While the “scholar” is sunning away in the Californian sun , the Malays are being left here in the sweltering heat of the Malay backwaters, getting stares and snide remarks from the non Malay readers of the Sun. Unfair, innit?

This is what I posted:

” The fact that the Malay culture could produce such a prolific literary figure speaks volumes of the culture. There is no need to feel sorry for it. Masterpiece(s) are as much the product of the environment as the intellectual explosions and inspirational dynamics. Didn’t we agree that environment maketh a man?

We are proud and are celebrating the fact that the culture has been enriched by the legacy left by Ananta Pramoedya Toer, “Anak yang Soleh”, to borrow your term. We are not going to allow any party to hijack it either.

Is Keluarga Gerilya still a standard text for 6th Form Malay literature in Malaysia? The Bookstore assistant you asked must have been a science Student”

Today, to follow the discourse, I visited the site and lo! I discovered that my posting has been removed.

Am I in breach of any decorum? Am I touching some raw nerves? Am I against the flow? If the good doctor wants to be the agent provocateur with good intent then removing my comment from the blog did not make him one, and I could therefore ask for the motive of writing the article.

Do not get me wrong. On second thought, what is wrong being an intellectual wanker, but Big MAC? save it for the politicians

Note :Dr Bakri has since graciously explained that the posting has been accidentally deleted during mass spam clearing. Thank you Sir for the explanation.My negative thoughts have been debunked


2 Responses to Of intellectual wankers and the BIG Mac (Mutual Admiration Club )

  1. amit says:


  2. inspigoblog says:

    thanks amit for the advice. lovers of truth that we aspire to be sometimes we are carried away. doesnt hurt i guess.

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