ISLAM IS SIMPLE – The Talmud, The New Testament and the Hadith of Muhammad

The Talmud is the rabbanic intrepretation of the Torah. The New Testament is a record of the sayings and traditions of Jesus, suppossedly the intrepretation of the Injil or The Old Testament as recorded by the Apostles. The Hadith as it is generally understood is the collection of the sayings and traditions of Muhammad believed to be divine by some Muslims.

In all the three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam there are voices which contend that because of the completeness and simplicity of the Book of God do we need the Talmud, the New Testament and the Hadith?

The Religion of Abraham

According to the Quran, The Torah, Injil and the Quran reaffirmed each other. These are the Revelations or the Books of God. The true followers are the followers of the religion of Abraham.

The similarity of the history of the compilation and origin of the Talmud, New Testament and Hadith could not be more glaring. The three documents are post prophetic documents. The process of collection, authentication and compilation took place after the demise of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. Although believed to be divine by many,  there are those who believe that these are  but historical,  narrative records of the three great prophets.

Could we also say that, on the premise that the the Torah, Injil and the Quran are the same Message from the one God, it is the Talmud, the New Testament and the Hadith that are causing the divisiveness and the divergence of the Religion of Abraham?

The Politicization of Religion

For those who have read the Quran, the Da Vinci Code , I mean  the Book and the Film, reveals  some truths. The Da Vinci Code revealed a few interesting messages. The underlying message of the DaVinci Code is to question the apostalatic intrepretation of the Old Testament  by the Catholic Church and the politicization and exploitation of the religion by Emperor Constantine. The tool was the New Testament.

Similarly with the Hadiths, history had seen hadith as tools for political expediencies. Although the method of compilations of hadiths had been fairly scientific, its continuity, its compliance to the SCripture it is supposed to simplify, the "Quran Purists"  amongst Muslims  believe that Hadith at its divine best, is a historical collection of records of a Great and exemplary man, Prophet Muhammad. It has a context of time, and not timeless as what the Quran is.

If one follows the discourse on the Torah and Talmud among the practitioners of Judaism, one  would find an interesting similarity of the challenges it is also subjected to. An interesting article revealed of the differing and diverging difference between the Talmud practitioners in the State of Israel compared to the new immigrants of Ethiopian Jews.  The Oriental Jews as the Ethiopians  Jews are called, have not been exposed to the Talmud and therefore follow the Torah, only.  This is however different for the Jews of European origin who are firm advocates of the Talmud. Officially The Talmud now lie supreme in the state of Israel. Clashes of the Torah and Talmud, one may say.

The Simplicity of The Message

All the above are pointing towards the notion that the Talmud, New Testament and Hadith are the Books the are causing divergence of the religion of Abraham. The stereotyping, the religious wars, the many events that are related to religions further caused divergence of the religion.

The only one prophet that do not leave behind a collection of saying and traditions  was Abraham. The Three Scriptures however contain detailed narratives of the Prophet Abraham.

Isn't that  a good  enough reason to follow the  Divine instruction to follow the religion of Abraham? I personally find that attachment to Prophet Abraham simplifying.

Verses 45:06 and 39:23 of the Quran challenge man; the most beautiful Hadiths are the Quran. Do you need to create new verses and explanations? Tell those who create other words and claim that it is devine, about the punishments of Hellfire.

IN many other verses God promises that the Quran is simple. The Question in many minds is whether the advocates of hadiths amongst Muslims are also following the same routes as followers of Talmud and the New Testament. Many would claim exclusiveness but I fear such possibility.

I am a firm believer of the simplicity of the Quran.

Why can't we go back to the revelations? Imagine a world without wars ? no clashes of civilisations? 


3 Responses to ISLAM IS SIMPLE – The Talmud, The New Testament and the Hadith of Muhammad

  1. Mg says:

    Super whats you wrigh. You said true That Guran is FINISH AND THE PEFECT

  2. Samuel Andrews says:

    As I understood it, hadiths are hearsay at best, and fitnah at worst. Why the heck should we listen to Maliki, Shafie, Hanbali etc? Since when did God say we have to follow them to be a devout Muslim? In reality, Muslims have deviated from the true teachings of Quran, and we wonder why we are being bullied by the Western atheists, Christian pagans and Ashkenazi Jews.

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