Can Malaysia Produce a Team for the FIFA Worldcup???


Can Malaysia produce a Team for the World Cup Final? No, not in the next three Finals. Ten reasons why they will remain in the backwaters of Pahang football


  • They just do not have the guts to remove the powers that be who have failed miserably to deliver
  • Not until the Big time bookies move to the more lucrative leagues and leave Malaysia to the teh tarik bookies
  • Malaysians are generally a corruptible lot
  • Their politics and their life are too divisive.
  • The Sideks, and the Davids and the Hashims at most produce doubles and singles players. They need to combine force to make a football team.
  • They prefer to be Mall rats, buying whitening lotions than be in the open playing football
  • They are not KIASU
  • Maybe futsal and table footie!!
  • Not until the rainforests in Pahang are rehabilitated. Politicians and the royalties will make more money from logging concessions than football
  • It makes more sense to score 19 As than to represent the school in football

    I dare not predict beyond the next 12 years. Prove me wrong MYTEAM.



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