ASian Football at the Mercy of the Bookies

How could Saudi Arabia represent ASia in the FIFA WORLD cUP? It was a pathetic team. After four outings in the World Cup, they have not progressed.

Did they buy the ticket to the World Cup Final?  With the amount of money poured into footbal I would not be surprised that some of the money could be spent into fixing matches. Money to make more money and money to make sure a third rate team could share the limelight with the real gladiators, for national pride.

If the Arab arm dealer and super rich could spend tens of  thousand of pounds for a one   night copulation, and a few millions at the casino, what is match fixing in the sin scale.

The point I am making is that Asian football is so corrupt that third rate teams are being sent to the world cup final.

Footballers become the jockeys and the horses of the Maharajas, the Sultans and Kings. It is not about past times and hobbies but it is about  advertising rights, a share of the bookies earnings, TV rights, about  big businesses, about selling the souls.

I have doubt if they are able to stop the rot. Until then i will not go to the stadium, to be drenched and being taken for a ride. Go and watch WWF. At least you know it is an acrobatic act.


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