ceo goblog – Change, diversity and chaos

Change, diversity and chaos are happenning continuously in all organizations. You may wish to deny it, surpress it or encourage it.

Denial is however futile. The level of individual empowerment, the collapse of borders and boundries and accessibility to information makes the speed of change, the wide spectrum of diversity and the chaotic ambience so visible.

You have a better chance of success with supression. Many despots and ruthless presidents of nations and organizations perpetuate thier grip on power by supressing change, encourage homogenity under the pretext of maintaining harmony.

The term status quo is often used to justify opposition to change. One cheeky writer wrote that the latin term status quo actually means the shit we are in.

That alone gives me all the reasons for me to lead my organization to be receptive to change, to be prepared and to encourage diversity and to be able to capitalise on organised chaos.

You don’t like to be deep  in shit, do you?


One Response to ceo goblog – Change, diversity and chaos

  1. directing manager says:

    yes sirrrrrrr! i i sirrrrrr!

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