I just had a perfect bowl of maggi mee

I just had a perfect bowl of maggi mee. I could have said that it was a perfect  instant noodle but the one before that carrying a campbell label was a disaster.

A perfect ten. The noodles have been blanched to the correct second at the right temperature. I hate soggy noodles nor the taste of uncooked flour.

It must have been “pre-tumissed” as there was this dash of oil and the aroma of garlic that turned you on. The presentation was full marks, in a white procelain bowl of the the right proportion, a pair of fresh bamboo chopsticks, a chinese ducky procelain soup spoon, a well ironed napkin on a tray.

It was a beautiful visual,two leaves of green sawi and two slices of red chillies bring out the benetton in it.

The condiments….aah. You would never have thought that it was a plain bowl of maggi mee, the thing you make under 3 minutes. Two thin slices of fish cake, a pinkish shrimp the size of a thumbnail, a slice of fish fillet and there was a slice of toufoo too. You cannot ask for more.

I always like my maggi in light soup with a curry flavour, a tinge taste of chilli and further amplified by the garlic, sawi and the condiments. Full marks.

Aha.. there was this sachet of soya sauce too, a bit too late before I realised its presence.

And I was having this at 3.30 am above an Indian town I have never heard of, BILASU, somewhere between Culcutta and Nagpur, more than 35000 ft above, flying at more than 900km/hr in the Business Class Cabin of Malaysian Airline.

You add class and good taste, even to the humble maggi mee, Malaysian Airline. This could well be your signature dish just like the satay and the nasi lemak.

You get my next booking!!


One Response to I just had a perfect bowl of maggi mee

  1. MH 030302731 says:

    U deserve at least one way free business class ticket with this 10/10 compliment. The MAS CEO should read this.

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