The commissioning of KD PAHANG – a saving grace for a privatisation blunder

I was priviledged to be invited to the commissioning ceremony of KD PAHANG. What a joyous and historic naval ceremony it was. It was my first ever.

The naval officers were splendid in thier swords and medals. The  naval brass band played the Negara ku during the raising of the ensign marking the commissioning. As the crew boarded thier new home led by the commanding officer, the SAMUDERA RAYA was played. My favorite marching number.

To HDW and PSC Naval Dockyard, the shipbuilder it must have been  a welcome relief. At least two of the six contracted shipbuilding works are now out of the way.

I would say the navy, and the country  has been a victim of another failed privatisation program. After 8 years and about RM 5billion only 2 ships have been delivered. In the meantime, several vendors were cheated, many are still waiting for overdued payment and the fate of the remaining 4 ships remain uncertain. SEveral personalities migrated with bundles of cash to last a few generations. THe Public Accounts Committe was shouting foul but the good life continues.
The damage to Malaysia was serious. However nobody took notice as if nothing happened. TV7 still plays the tune …I feel good? DEeply damaging to the reputation.

Just a month ago a letter of intent was issued to BAE SYSTEM for  two frigates for more than RM 4 billion. A little known shipyard, LABUAN SHIPYARD, SABAH SHIPYARD renamed, still a subject of recievership has been given the green light to partner BAE SYSTEM.

Malaysian politicians are surely a persistent lot. As in the case of the PV the Malaysianisation Programs were but a facade, disgrace and to put it bluntly a load of bulls….A victim of greed, naievity and couldn’t care less Malaysians.

Why cant we just purchase our frigates and corvettes from the best shipbuilders in the world? We will just concentrate on developing our knowledge in Systems, operate and maintain them well.  The local shipyards should focus on building tankers, oilrigs  and FSOs. Even if somebody takes us for a ride we know that nobody are making  donkeys out of us.


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