Israel Lebanon Conflict – Should Malaysia send peacekeepers to Lebanon?

I say NO!

I have heard of the Israeli Arab conflict since I first learned to read the newspaper. I was six  or seven.  I would read the newspaper from front to end including all advertisements. Not bad for a seven year old to know about Gamal Nassir, and later the 6 day war and the Yom Kippur War.

For the past few years I have been ignoring the Israeli- Arab news. Tired and feeling helpless and apathetic. 

The recent atrocities in Lebanon drew me into following the “game”. Had it been a pure military conflict  I would have ignored it, but seeing young children old women becoming innocent victims, township flattened stirred the  conscience in me.

My first reaction was to say shame on you, the many arab governments, Hizbollah has put you to shame.

But then what do you expect them to do? NOTHING except to stay out of the conflict and build up its strength.

The Israelis and the Americans are able to have a free hand on Lebanon because they are in an extreme position of STRENGTH. The same could be said of Hizbollah. It is relatively stronger than the many arab nations, which is good news to the arabs populace.

Should there be peace now in Lebanaon? ASk Hizbollah of Lebanon. I think they should continue fighting and let South of Lebanon be the theatre of WAR with Israel. It is going to hurt Israel more if the war continues.

Asking for peace now after Lebanon is flattened is just following  to the letter the Israeli- American Grand Design. Sending  peace keeping troops to South of Lebanon is like sending troops of Guard Dogs   for the protection of the Master- ISRAEL.

So Malaysia, keep your mouth shut!! Do not send your young men  to be Guard Dogs.

Read Al anfaal verse 60. Read also 72 onwards. Peace could only be secured by strength.

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