CEO Goblog – MBA Mondial

A new CEO has just been appointed to head PEPSI.

Hey look! He is Indian. The wife exclaimed as we were watching CNN.

His name is Indra, another Indian name heading a multinational adding to a long list of Indian Proffessional Managers in the multinational circuits.

I am not surprised I said. Indian Institute of Management is joining the BIG names in the MBA Premier League.

I could sense that the wife thought I was taking a mickey out of her Leicester University MBA program she is pursuing. The truth is that MBA degree mills have never been this busy. It is big Business.

There are MBAs and there are MBAs. I see that different institutions churn out different types of Business Practitioners.The TIMES ranking 2006  put the figure of over 9000 institutions offering MBAs. At a figure of 200 graduates per institutions, it is a whopping 1.8 million  graduates per year being churned out.

I am also quite skeptical about entrepreuners doing MBAs. Entrepreneurs hire MBAs but the fear is that MBA may take away that gut feel gung ho attitude taht many entrepreuners have. My fear is likely to be unfounded, an entrepreneur needs the basics of administrations. His MBA assistants  do the figure crunching and the entreprenuer makes that  business decision.

In my opinions these are the various types of MBA products

a. Business Analysts – Good at figure crunching and giving advice

b. Proffessional managers and Administrators that are good at running branch offices and established outfits

c. Financial Wheeler and dealer – they are good at creative accounting and the extreme cases are those who are good at skinning the stock market punters

d. Corporate Warriors – a combination of the above who stop at nothing just to become the CEOs of prestigous multinationals

e. Degree hunters – at best they have this love for knowledge

I am not against MBAs. I told my partner in jest that a mandatory subject I would like to propose to MBA institutions is the skill needed to be succesful No 2 or no 3s in any organization. To be number 1 you need to be a good no 2 at a stage in your life. At the very least the customers are always KING. Many MBA graduates falls into the habit of thinking that theyhave the licensce to fill the CEO/MD position.

The fundamental rule in being educated is the ability to learn, unlearn relearn. The cycle repeats. On second thought I am not against entrepreuners doing Business Summer Camps to learn about figure crunching. Other than that running a business is common sense.


3 Responses to CEO Goblog – MBA Mondial

  1. pezze says:

    Heheh, my thoughts echoed perfectly here.

  2. Selamba says:

    Perhaps it is an inferiority complex syndrome.

  3. inspigoblog says:

    Aquisition of knowledge in what ever form and for what ever reason must be encouraged and pursued. If learning means being desciplined and structured as in an MBA by all means do it. It is also the fastest way of having a grasp of “business”. As with other qualifications, the working life is ruthless. It is all about what you can contribute that matters, and obviously being knowledgeable would put you at an advantageous position.

    Please read my next piece on TeXsaurus i.e engineers who are blinkered and have tunnelled visions.

    I would encourage engineers to do MBAs.

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