Malaysian Peacekeepers for Lebanon – a way out for Malaysia

Israel has objected to Malaysia’s offer to participate in the Lebanon peacekeeping mission. What a great opportunity for Malaysia not to be drawn to this maelstrom. It is a never ending quagmire, and i cannot reason out Malaysia’s rationale for offering its young men to be watch dogs for Israel.

I repeat the Peacekeeping mission is to be the watchdog for Israel. The UN mandate as intended by Israel is to keep the rockets from being fired to Israel from Southern Lebanon, to disarm Hizbollah and to cut the supply line to Hizbollah.

Where does the protection of the Lebanese being spelled out in the mandate??

Let us face reality. The Israel arab conflict is not going to end in the next generation or until Israel and the west learn to create peace with its neighbours.

So what and when is the exit route for Malaysia? Israel has provided Malaysia with the best exit route. Malaysia is not acceptable to Israel to be a member of the blue beret contigent.

Grab it man!!!


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