memperkasa diri # 10 – melayu mondial, melayu WORLD (diciplak dari sajak melayu kuno USMAN AWANG )

Catatan Inspigob: Tulisan ini sebahagian dari siri pembebasan minda melayu dari penorowongan, menyahkan stereotaip melayu usman awang. Sila lihat memperkasa diri#1 

Melayu itu halus peradabannya

dunia itu pentasnya,

borobodur itu binaannya

nusantara kampungnya,

berdagang, bertani meredah lautan dengan penisinya

membina kota dimana-mana

Orang kuala itu melayu, tapi kecil bilangannya

jawa, bugis, minang, acheh, moro, kape, cham, pattani, manila itu melayu

bertaburan diseluruh dunia 

melayu itu berani kerana benar

kecut takut jika bersalah

janji sentiasa di kota

Biar mati adat jangan mati syariat

Baiknya hati Melayu itu tak terbandingkan asal kan dapat pulangan dan ada kiraan

 hujan emas dinegeri orang akan ditinggalkan negeri sendiri

 tak kan ditinggal anak kebuluran

Punya telaga punya timba pegang talinya 

anaknya tetap disusukan, biar kera balik kehutan

biar kuat kuat sorak dan kerjanya 

biar ghairah pestanya 

jadikan dunia kampung nya di manamana

Tanah sejalur dijadikan modal

 sedia berdagang, mengembali maruah, menebus yang tergadai

Hasil taninya bergandaganda 

Berbuahlah pisang  berkali kali

mendatang hasil bukannya mimpi 

Sudah punya universiti

sudah punya kuda dan  pedati

bergerak bebas di dunianya

berdagang berkampong membina kota di mana-mana


One Response to memperkasa diri # 10 – melayu mondial, melayu WORLD (diciplak dari sajak melayu kuno USMAN AWANG )

  1. pezze says:

    Melayu, what is Melayu? Why do some people say the word “Melayu-ish” in what sound like a degrading manner? What is wrong with being Melayu? Are we that different from other so-called “races”?

    Our definition of “Melayu” only applies in Malaysia. If my acestors didn’t travel to “Tanah Melayu”, I might be born a Banjar, Bugis or Pattani. I don’t know. Or maybe a Yunan Chinese instead or maybe an African?

    What makes us so “Melayu”? And why do the “Melayu” look at us “Melayus” in a certain way? Listen to the politicians, listen to the poets. Are we so crap? Have we given up? Have we forgotten who we are?

    We are all God’s creation. We all came out as liquid from one little flow tube, into another and one strong blip managed to penetrate and egg. And we all come out from similar tubes or canals as crybabies.

    Admittedly, the diet and nutrition that our mothers took might play a role in the development of our physique and brain. Thus living in the same country and similar environments, what differentiate us Melayus from the Chinese and the Indians? Even the Chinese they have their Hokien, Kwang Tungs, Foochows, Hakka and what not. Same as Indians, they have Telegu, Malayalam, Gujerati and so on.

    But why we must single out the Malays? Why do we have to feel so insecure about ourselves? Why must we call this land “Tanah Melayu” in those days? And why do certain quarters long for the name “Tanah Melayu” to be used again?

    I sure am not qualified to be here if it’s called Tanah Melayu again. Technically I’m no Melayu. More likely Banjar or Bugis or Pattani. My ancestors didn’t come from the Riau area where “Melayu” came from.

    I long for the day that people are proud of their heritage but are able to say “so what if I’m a Malay, Indian, Chinese or whatever?”. Also, “so what if I’m a Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or whatever?”. We are after all human, God’s creatures. It’s time that we forget and blur the racial or religion lines and start to work together for mutual benefits.

    The older generations will say that I easily forget the past. I don’t forget the past. How could I? I don’t even really know the past. And why must we keep all the divisions and negative history for the rest of our lives? Do we want to have like what happened in Bosnia? or certain parts of Indonesia not too recently? Why must things be looked along racial or religion lines?

    The simple answer is politics. And politics is always manipulated by people with their own agendas, where they need support from the masses.

    Bottom line is, we are all capable human beings. We are all born with the same opportunity. We shape our destinies by shaping our minds regardless if we are Malays, Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Bangla or whatever. We are all born with capabilities and potentials to achieve greatness. It’s just either we believe it or not.

    I know at times I am also guilty of being a defeatist. But I always catch myself fast and turn around. I know, I am great. Not a great Malay, just a great human being. Why, because I am made by God in his image. And he won’t make me a crappy human being. If you don’t believe me, pray tonight and ask him.

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