They claim to be citizens of the world. yuk!!

You call yourself  a citizen of the world. Yet you do not behave as one

#  You still  have a tribal mindset. You see others outside your  tribe threatening. You  refuse to accept or respect external value systems. To you It is all about Cattle and cowdungs and nothing else.

#  You are judgemental about other cultures and  religions. Religion A is bad. Religion B is outdated. Off course Your religion is the best

#  You are chauvinistic ,  racist and have superiority complex.  You  try to dominate and impose or at best refuse to engage.

#  You have low level of tolerance, conflict proned and cannot agree to disagree

#  You are not being civil, are you? To you it is all about survival of the fittest . You are oblivious to things outside your cocoon

# You may be working for HSBC  or another worldclass organization but you are yet to be HSBC. You are the local component.

# You think democracy is the only way to run a country. Wake up, hello, hello..

# You have no class, if you know what it means.

To you being citizen of the world means the ability to switch citizenships or better still having multiple citizenships. You will be  the first to jump ship at the first sign of difficulties. I agree that loyalty is conditional but I could see your true colors: you are chauvinistic, you are judgemental, you thrive on your ignorance, you are  a real opportunist ready to emigrate at the slightest excuse, ready to pounce at the slightest opportunity.

Call yourself Opportunist of the World.


One Response to They claim to be citizens of the world. yuk!!

  1. hafidzah says:

    BRAD PITT today calls himself a citizen of the world

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