CT, Cong, Siti, CT Scan

CT used to mean COMMUNIST TERRORIST. A cong, pronounced as KONG, is a short  term for vietcong, the north vietnamese guerilla fighters. The guys who  chased the americans away.

During the Malayan emergency, the same term,CT, was used. When the emergency  and the Vietnam War finally ended, and with the fall of communism in many countries, the term CT dissapeared.

Now CT is the short term for Siti Nurhaliza , the self proclaimed pop diva or princess. Well, she has done well for herself. At the very least, the taxi driver in Jakarta lit up to have  a CT countryman in his cab. CT and Amy SEARCH are big names in Jakarta.

Joget and Deli are familiar tunes in Jakarta now in this predominantly dangdut country. THanks to CT.

There are always those who would see dangdut and other local success stories with cynicism. I am a self declared dangdut fan. I am also a rocker. I am not a fan of Siti.

Siti has done well. Inul has done well. Let us give credits where it is due.

Those skeptics and cynics may like to have thier brain CT scanned.


One Response to CT, Cong, Siti, CT Scan

  1. pezze says:

    Hidup dangdut! dag dig dug…

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