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Abdullah Badawi said “I am  in control”. I believe him.

Unfortunately there is a significant number who do not believe that he is in complete control. There are his distractors, those who do not like him and there are those who like to see his government collapses. The previous Prime Minister is in this particular category.

There is another group, those who are not against him, yet they are not comfortable that he is not showing he is in control. They are those who have never had the experience of being not-under-control. Thier life has always been under the control of someone. Life to them is all about control and command.

I remember those days under Tun Mahathirs rule. Every single decision has to be sanctioned by the PM, or at least that was what the newspaper made it to be. It actually pissed many people off.

The little things, the little voices, the people struggling to be heard,  that I see now gives me some fresh air. Ministers are more willing to make decisions and make comments no matter how stupid  the comments may be. At the very least I know thier stupidity. To me that is the first step towards responsibility and accountability. Off course there would be those who would test the limits. Ticking them off and reprimanding them are the right thing to do.

We are just scratching the surface of liberalism. Change, diversity and chaos are but signs of a robust, liberal democracy. Abdullah Badawi is a democrat. Many Malaysians may not be ready for this openness.

In such a situation the emperor needs to show that he is in control. My advice is for him to learn a thing or two from Sun Tzu. When the emperor was just installed, Sun tzu was instrumental in getting one of the concubines beheaded for disobeying a simple order, just to prove a point that the emperor was in control.

Abdullah Badawi must also  read Machiavelli’s the Prince.


One Response to CEO goblog – I am in control

  1. pezze says:

    I met quite a few politicians personally, on various occasions. And I have also been watching them on TV, hearing and reading their speeches.

    I met Pak Lah when he visited us in Brighton years ago. Pak Lah was just sacked from the cabinet and he was visiting his son in Britain. He stopped by in Brighton to see his old friend, our warden there, a man we call Pak Long. What struck me was, how humble and down to earth, and straight talking this man is. Frankly, that was the point when I wish he’d become the PM. Today, I got my wish. He is the only politician that I wholeheartedly support. I truly feel that he is a good and honest man.

    Malaysians, look at our history. We are so used to have someone controlling everything. Starting from the Malaccan Sultanate, we had to look to someone to control us, right down through the times of the Dutch and the British.

    We have our independence, but somehow we still like or want to be controlled. This time by someone we elect as PM or the likes. I suppose the peak came during the time of Tun M. It seemed that he controlled everything, even the judiciary which was supposed to be independent and the royalty also couldn’t escape this (which is good anyway). Rumour has it that he even told Proton what colors to have on their cars.

    Look at how bland the news in those days. You just can’t say anything against the government. The government was always supposedly right. Read The Sun newspaper today. In the previous administration, reporters like M Nadeswaran would have been silenced and moved to probably something like Aliran Weekly.

    What we have today is an openness. Openness to listen and take others views. Pak Lah had said that his style is consultative. To what extend I don’t know. Tun M seems to want Pak Lah to be exactly like him. Hear what others have to say but he’s already made his decision. Some accused Pak Lah of listening to much to his son-in-law. Maybe, maybe not.

    What we Malaysians have to understand now, start to accept this openness. Openness comes with responsibility. Responsibility for our own words and actions.

    And yes, if everyone else knows how to run the country (except Tun M that is), why are you not Prime Minister or at least a Menteri Besar?

    Success as a top business figure does not easily equate as knowing how to build and run a country. Look at Thaksin.

    So Malaysians, stop the bitching. Give the man some support. That goes for you too Tun M.

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