Lina Joy.. are you being persecuted? adakah anda dizalimi?

I received a text on my mobile. Thousands of Malays have converted to Christianity. Lina Joy and Azhar Mansur and hundreds of others. The message was to Sign the petition against the “widespread conversion”.

Why is it bothering you? was my reply. The reply sums up my view towards this issue.

Unless it is another inquisition, I will not even waste my phone SMS charge to spread the challenge.

Religious conversions happen everyday. All religions are always in a state of flux. The Javanese converted en-masse to Islam from Hinduism and Buddhism. You are talking about hundreds of millions. The Malays of the Old Philippines converted to Christianity en-masse leaving just the Moros to profess Islam.

And now an issue is being created just because of Lina Joy or just because of the hundreds or thousands of Malays converting to Christianity. Floodgates? Is there such a gate?

I am against this Syariah law for apostasy. I believe and the Quran specifically mentioned that there is no compulsion in religion. The Constitution is Quran compliant but the Syariah is not. But Syariah is the Law for political Islam, the Law of the Land for the Islamists who happen to be the majority in the land. Unless we have a Malay Kamal Atartuk, or a suddenly enlightened conference of Malay rulers, I do not for-see the Syariah Law being changed.

Let them be, could be the most pragmatic answer I could think of.

That answer is not of course the most ideal solution but that is the answer we could live with. IF persecution is taking place, and IF a systematic ISLAMIC INQUISITION is being carried out by the states, then it is the duty of every true muslim, every Constitution-upholding Malaysian to fight and challenge the system.

I do not know about Lina Joy, but I know that, if the claim that Azhar Mansur is a Christian, the Dato is as free as a bird, enjoying much more freedom in Langkawi than many urbanites. Nobody has persecuted him, nobody has declared that his blood is halal or kosher. I do not even bother to ask if it is true. That Kamariah of Ayah Pin fame, denounced Islam yet she is free and has not been burnt on the stake.

A smart Malay Christian would not bother challenge the information and data on his or her identity card. By keeping that his rights is enshrined in the constitution. The constitution defines a Malay as one who professes Islam and practices and subscribes to the Malay way of life. simple. I won’t bother to change! God would not bother me.

Unless we are dreaming of utopia. Unless we want to challenge the Constitution, the part that says that matters pertaining to Islam is under the jurisdiction of the Syariah Law. Then the Muslims have the right to question the motive of the ongoing court case because it is their law. To change the Constitution we need two-third majority. Easy and fair.

All religions are flexible. The Jews were persecuted. Exodus!! God decreed. The Christians were persecuted by the Romans. Go travel the land and seek the bounty of God. Muhammad was persecuted by the Meccans. HIjra!! God said. The Muslim of Spain were persecuted by the Inquistidor. Some fled to Morocco but many remained to be burnt on the stakes and the surviving ones converted to Christianity officially and unofficially.

It was recorded in the book on the Spanish inquisition that when General Franco took over power from Feudal Spain, a few families declared themselves as Muslims. They were Muslims with Spanish identity Cards which officially identified them as Christians. They revealed their true identities after 400 years.

Are you being persecuted? If you are, I assure you there are many muslims who would come to your aid and defend you!!!


9 Responses to Lina Joy.. are you being persecuted? adakah anda dizalimi?

  1. pezze says:

    An excerpt from Kathirasen’s column on NST (Sunday 24th Sept):

    – I recalled Charles Caleb Cotton’s words: “Men will wrangle for religion; write for it; fight for it; die for it; anything but live it.” How true.

    That day, when I went home, I called my son over and ventured an answer: “These murders, these fears, these arguments have nothing to do with religion. They have to do with the ego.”

    The ego lurks unassumingly, often exhibiting an air of benevolence, waiting to pounce on, and gobble up, the smallest of gestures and the briefest of words. For that is how it grows.

    Stripped naked, what is the ego but the “I” and the “my”.

    “I” fight with you because you said something about “my” religion. You want to burn “my” temple because “I” demolished yours.

    “I” think “my” religion is better than yours. You feel your religion is superior to “mine”.

    So religion is not to be blamed. It is the ego behind those professing the religion. Religious competition is driving many conflicts today.


    Really, it’s all just about someone’s ego.

  2. Azlina says:

    Actually the most worrying me is our youngsters, our future generation who are born from muslim family and who are poor.

    What happen if those youngsters who have no basic foundation of islamic knowledge and are very much exposed to the world of fantasis?

    Or those who have basic islamic foundation, who are poor and exposed to the world of fantasis?

    Well! To these people like Lina Joy and Dato Azhar Mansur will be very glad to guide them into their faith. They will use whatever they have like wealth and status to get them into their mission.

    This is very alarming.

    So wealthy MUSLIM people, what are you going to do about this?
    What is your planning and action to help our Muslim youngster?

    (Oh Allah bless us with the goodness in this world and save us from hell fire. Ameen.)

  3. inspigoblog says:

    Spot on pezze. I must remind you there are many dart boards around.

    Azlina, it is not about being rich or poor. It is about having the right answers for those who are searching for the truth. Religionists must not create religion of fantasies and must not hide the truth. It is the responsiblity of every being to find the truth.

  4. mooke says:

    mr.inspigob – and it is not just a responsibility.each person have every right to find the the truth.

  5. Terry says:

    Who is kidding who, Islam is an evil moon-cult that will die on the vine when exposed to the sunlight of mans reason and inherent good nature. All faiths have their problems but Islam, based solely on the worst of mans qualities, cannot be molded into something that can exist in anything but a perpetual state of war with peoples of other faith and even its own followers. Very simply wherever islam dominates life is hell and people will risk everything to escape that place.

  6. inspigoblog says:

    I am afraid, I cannot allow my blog to be turned into a platform for religious chauvinists, whatever flag they fly, to air their pent up hatred of others.

    To you your religion, to me mine is the maxim of mans reason and good nature. Differences are to be discussed with intellect and decorum.

    Ego? ignorance? ignorance may be tolerated though.

    Peace lovers love marley’s exodus. Peace lovers celebrate differences, enjoy common interests and beliefs.

  7. inspigoblog says:

    For the first time I have to deny the posting of comment. I would not allow my blog to be used to propagate religious hate, chauvinism, stereotyping, irrespective from which divide it comes from.

  8. Jerrico says:

    Freedom of religion is what we want but we first would have to understand and be knowledgeable of our own religion. Let us ask why are there conversions in the first place. The main reason why many covert to another religion is because they do not have the knowledge on the teachings of their current religion. If we believe in God there wont be conversions, if we believe God knows what is best for us there wont be coversions. Our ultimate goal is to reach God and hence whatever religion we are in we are going to reach Him. Let us not play God to dictate which religion we choose to go to.

  9. inspigoblog says:

    This wednesday, the last day may the court is scheduled to give a verdict on lina’s application to change the religion on her official papers. I hope she would have her wish granted…amen. let everbody gets on with his or her life.

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