the art of saying sorry…. the chauvinist mandarin (LKY) way

Elton Johnsays it in his song. What do I have to do to make you love me……sorry seems to be the hardest words. Is it ? It may be  difficult for lovers, for people with such big egos and for chauvinists.

Did I say difficult for Chauvinist to apologize? Not quite. There are chauvinists who has perfected the art of apologizing. Yes I am sorry but this is what actually happened. The BUT nullifies the apology. Not only that, in the process the chauvinist hurts you further. You expect to be consoled and your anger contained but ouch!!

In managing relations between nations, apologies has prevented wars, make peace, end wars. It is funny but nations are supposed to have no feelings, no egos yet the words soul, feeling and pride are used instead. Worse still if the word dignity is used. It is nothing but egos of the leadership yet good leaders are said to be one who is able to manage his egos.

The recent spat between Lee Kuan Yew and Malaysia is a case in point. LKY said something that Malaysia feels is meddling in its internal affair. Something about the chinese minority being marginalised and made compliant.  Abdullah Badawi wrote to LKY for an explanation. LKY replied  “Yes, I said that, these are facts, people could see it. You tried to make us compliant by asking us to demolish the causeway. We refuse to comply because we are not like your chinese. Sorry, it causes you discomfort”

For those who like to keep scores, Singapore 2 Malaysia 1.

Move on Abdullah. This is relation between nations, not about petty personal issues but big for the egos. Yeah, the chauvinists amongst the chinese are rejoicing and kowtowing LKY.

Why don’t you accept the fact that those chauvinists  deserve to be marginalised. They have been recalcitrant, non compliant. They would never be satisfied until 99.9 % of the economy is in their hand. They are those who failed to become Vincent Tan, Lim Goh Tong and many other non marginalised Chinese. Failures, not smart and lazy brats they are.

There are many chinese who truly subscribe the Bangsa Malaysia. These are the Malaysians that deserve to be in the main stream. They deserve the contracts, the licensce the good school, the scholarships, irrespective of whether they are chinese or malay or iban.

Malaysians must move on. Malaysians must fight against chauvinism. Chauvinists deserve to be marginalised.



3 Responses to the art of saying sorry…. the chauvinist mandarin (LKY) way

  1. […] In the mean time, Mr. Inspigob has written a fine piece on the chauvanist that is Lee Kuan Yew. Have your say, too. […]

  2. Ann says:

    on a more general note, i always thought that apologies, in whatever form, should come with sincerity. but who are we to measure sincerity-ness? i know i cant.

  3. mooke says:

    ah, the first place pak lah shouldn’t have asked LKY to explain himself….giving more room to tembak!!! pak lah did not read the art of war!!!

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