Ceo goblog – Malaysia Airline a 6 star airline


I rate Malaysia Airline as a 6 star airline. They are better than Singapore Airline except for the gourmet food served onboard Singapore Airline Flights.

Malaysian do not realize what a gem of an asset they have in Malaysian Airlines. At every opportunity, from ministers to the man who has never flown, they would bash the airline.

It would be fair if the feedbacks are genuine as part of the Quality of service enhancement program but.. The latest in the series of bashing is by the Minister of Transport. Malaysia Airline fare is the highest compared to others.  Consider reducing for the Visit Malaysia Year.

Wait a minute. You expect the airline to turnaround. When they decide on a strategy of premium pricing for premium services you also make noise.

A Malaysian Airline Business Class ticket to a favourite destination in Europe  will set you back RM 20+ K. You can actually fly business at one third of that. I just did that and these were part of the bargain.

I  have this funny feeling that you are in a third world when I did my check in.

The lounge is not even a third of the Golden lounge.


I made three observations in the first three minutes. The reading  light did not work. The audio visual was analogue. The control switches were worn out. You wonder when the last aircraft servicing and certification was done.


You are restricted by the one in  THREE tangent on your inclined seat. ooh.. i miss that sleeping pod and the egyptian cotton comforter.


You do not get your three favourites; nasi lemak,satay and magi mee, not to mention the teh tarik or MILO O.

The hostesses were busy but You still do not get the three specialities; the  grace the charm and the genuine smile. They are three time older if that explains.


By the time you get to the taxi you have visited Three airports.

Not only that The pilot made the wrong turn at his home port. We waited an additional thirty minutes but the worst was the  announcement “ we are about to do an emergency landing…..” before the stewardess realized she has touched the wrong command on the control screen.

If not for the unavailability of flights I would have chosen Malaysia Airline. Idris, give me an upgrade the next time I fly…

And to Malaysian, there is such thing as premium pricing for premium service.


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