Inspigob is in Istanbul

Inspigob is in Istanbul, my first ever visit.

I admired Atartuk for what he did. Turkey would be another Lebanon or Palestine, carved out by The Brits, Italians, French and even the  Greeks were at the gates.

For the excesses of the last few  Ottoman  Sultans, an empire was lost. Atartuk salvaged the homeland.

I  realized that Turkey is a frontier nation surrounded by hostilities. No two way about it . Turkey needs a strong military.

My secular Turkish friend lamented on the  islamist excess baggage. Entry into the EU could perhaps launch the Islamists into a reality orbit, where substance matters rather than form and also get the military to trim its hostilities towards the Islamists and democrats.

I want to ask my turkish friend how the secular turks see their Ottoman history? The Muslim Ottomans, the first few sultans created an empire based on Islamic principles. Will secular turkey be able to create an empire? Have I chosen the wrong phrase Islamic principles? Empires and civilisations are built on righteousness, being fair and just, desciplines, sound leaderships, …………………Anyone can inherit the world

I had the best doner, the best cutlet the best baklava, turkish delights. 


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