a most beautiful city, istanbul

I think it is the most charming city I have ever visited. Having coffee at the coffee terrace of the SAS Radisson overlooking the Bhosporous was most intoxicating. The hotel is at the European shore. At one corner  was this intricate mosque with the golden gate bridge look alike in its background spanning the straits.

On the Asian shore, you could see two hills with the giant moon and crescent flags flying proudly. The Sultans summer palace looked elegant.

Steamers and cruise vessels ply the straits every five minute or so. A perfect setting for romance.

Earlier in the day we visited the Blue Mosque. I have never seen anything as intricate as this. The Ramadan crowd was most amazing. You see families having iftar or breaking of the fast on the mosque beutiful squares and garden.

We had iftar with the locals, lentil soups, doner and pilau followed by turkish coffee. It is busiest between maghrib and isya.


2 Responses to a most beautiful city, istanbul

  1. pezze says:

    Aah, the Blue Mosque, one day, one day I’ll be there. Soon, very soon.

  2. inspigoblog says:

    I bought this book, the 1000 places you have to visit before you die, I would rank Istanbul in the top 10.

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