world class kampong!!!

image08.jpg    A world class kampong!!! I do not know about yours but my kampong is now connected to the world!! 

I am writing this 300 km from Kuala Lumpur, away from the MSC, away from the hustle and bustle. I am not at starbuck. No mat and minah bangsar  is in sight.  The API index is  under the  “healthy” category. Traffic volume : 1 kancil or a proton iswara or a kapcai every 10 minutes or so. Wild tekukur and merbuk  leading the ensemble provide the background music with the occasional cockadooling of the bapak ayam taking charge of his ayam lacur.

I can still get  wriggly semilang laut. My forefathers named this place BAGAN for a reason. It is famous for its “parang” and Udang kertas. You get the occassional lobsters too. In 1893 our ancestors, the orang-orang kaya Bagan, funded the opening of  the town of Batu Pahat yet we got our electric supply only in 1977 and our telephone line in the eighties. The price for being loyal UMNOITES.

 We are connected to CNN and BBC world. We have been having ASTRO for years but nothing compares to being connected at 100Mbps fibre optic and being able to do this under the durian tree (it is not in season). PJ, that snail  copper wire fiefdom  with a new mayor, would have to think hard how to live up to the developed state status.

Last Eid, the kids were using the land line. The phone bill came to more than RM 1000 for the 7 day stay hiatus. I wanted to but I could not complain as that was part of the deal for the kids not to pester me to cut short the eid break.

img_1107.JPGTalking about world class, you should see our toilets. Except for the toilet rolls, it is world class. It is one of my favourite spots.

I told this to Z that big gun at TM.  The original six-pillar dwelling is 146 years old, the  39-pillar  new addition being 116 years. He got excited!!! Can I do a TM advert  on streamyx at your location? he asked . I did not tell him that it is no ordinary kampong house.


9 Responses to world class kampong!!!

  1. pezze says:

    semilang laut…u got my mouth watering…buat gulai…

  2. mooke says:

    is that minyak cap kapak next to the modem. where is the wireless router?

  3. hayat says:

    boleh hayat mandi skarang :)

  4. nadia says:

    yes! dah siap ker bilik air?

  5. thebanglacokney says:

    wot u onnin about?

  6. thebanglacokney says:

    i bet nanti mesti ade orang be**k macam beruk nanti…

  7. Ann says:

    is that REALLY the picture of the baru-siap-toilet? ya ampunn..mcm toilet hotel. :D

  8. inspigoblog says:

    pezze,with semilang I only trust my own cooking. make time to be here.
    mooke, the family insignia must have an axe on it.
    ayat n nadia, commisioned and ready for use.
    banglacockney, u wot? whats the bet?
    ann, visit us. I am sending a message to the kampongites that WORLd means more than MAWI. cleanliness and suci is more than istinja’. cleanliness is an easily achievable world standard. It will need at least a generation to introduce the toilet rolls.
    TEWAK or punctuality is the other.
    To the urbanites, the message is heritage. u have a very rich heritage.

  9. mofadz says:

    thanks for making this “wireless” privilege possible at BAGAN. I mean “privilege” coz it’s a permissive activity granted by another person, and it’s not a “right”. May you be blessed with prosperity & hapiness.

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