I am voting NO for the Stg 100m London mosque

There is a posting in our e-group soliciting YES votes for a ballot undertaken by the Evening Standard. Should the proposed Stg 100m London mosque proceed?. It contains a statement that the non muslims of London are against it.


I am voting NO.

Why spend the equivalent of RM 700 m for a mosque. It can build 700 schools in Bangladesh, Somalia, MALI, or South of Thailand or Darfur or 70 schools in the muslim ghettos of Bradford or Birmingham or any ghettos for that matter..

There were beautiful mosques in Andalusia, the inquisitions make them into Christians in 40 years. The Ottoman sultans were building mosques to please the contractors, the consultants and designers, to locate their mausoleum, to outdo each other and for 100 other reasons. They also built harems, and the grand eunuchs had the responsibility of maintaining the supply chain of concubines. The Grand mufti ( read Lord Justice) could also be a party to this screwings. Istanbul was and still is a city of mosques. The empire collapsed . If not for ATARtUK Turkey would be another Lebanon or another Andalusia.

Do not take this as anti ISLAM. Do not take the NO vote from the Brits as anti Islam. The Brits have stopped building churches or synagogues . Generally, they are no longer fond of religion be it Christianity, Judaism or Paganism or Islam. So, do not take it as solely anti Islam.

I am against the building of mosques or whatever places of worship whose foundation is not taqwa or righteousness. You get the Brits on your side if you build schools rather than mosques. It will speak volumes of Muslims of the UK.


33 Responses to I am voting NO for the Stg 100m London mosque

  1. thebanglacokney says:


  2. Hayley says:

    I totally agree. The money will be better spent on those that need it. I am not happy about money being spent on a mosque. If a massive 100m quid church complex was put forward there would be uproar. I think the government are trying to prove a point but the idea is ridiculous and I think it would segregate people even more. I think London is losing it’s culture already to be honest, which is quite sad.

  3. tariq rowhi says:


  4. inspigoblog says:

    tariq, hayley,banglacockney,pezze,

    I know of many muslims who are against the idea of the 100m mosque. The advocates normally brand them as infidels or friends of the infidels as a common way to silent oppositions. For those with limited knowledge about the religion, such branding is intimidating and the fear of hellfire would at best keep them quiet. this is an example of the religion being hijacked. The silent majority must not let themselves be cowed. Read the Quran, the Bible and the Torah.

  5. lubna says:

    yes ofcourse

  6. Hisham says:

    I think it is importanat to have such places for everbody where we can pray to god to have a better live and safe planet . mosque like hospital , schools … is as importnat as any other place .

    I say YES

  7. Khalid says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    I love all in the path of Allah.

    The attraction made by beautiful places are a good branding exercise. This might attract investors to help in building similar and more in poor places as you mentioned. AlHamdu Lillah this is happing as we speak (chat). I believe we should persue both in paraller. The profit peace be upon him said “all of you on a front; By Allah don’t let Islam be attacked from you front”

    Those on the 100m Mosque, we pray to Allah to help them and provide them with Taqwa and Purity for the sake of Allah.

    Those on the other front, we also pray to Allah to provide them with the same.

    Let’s be united rather than being divided.

    Jazakum Allah Khair.

    Brother Khalid

  8. Jageer Hussain says:

    Assalamu alaikum,
    I say YES for building the Masjid, Let give a way to build the masjid, Instead of thinking why to build, why not to build lets think how to fill the masjid with Namazis …..How the masjid can be fullfilled with Amals like zikr , Thilawath ….

    Allah Hafiz

  9. inspigoblog says:

    deen is way of life. muslims say that deen is religion. I am afraid the branding of religion give rise to chauvinism, brahminism, exclusivity, elitism, wars. Branding would not last unless it is based on righteous values. there is such thing as negative branding.
    when forms take precedence over substance, the predicaments faced by present day muslims are therefore not surprising.

  10. Judge Dred says:


    Muslims fly commercial airlines into buildings in New York city.-No outrage!
    Muslims officials block an exit where school girls are trying to escape a burning building; because their faces were not covered. – No Muslim Outrage !
    Muslims cut off the heads of 3 teenage girls on the way to school. – No Muslim Outrage.
    Muslims murder teachers trying to teach muslim children in Iraq. – No Muslim Outrage.
    Muslims murder tourists with car bombs outside cafes & hotls in Egypt. – No Muslim Outrage.
    Muslims attack a missionary children’s school in INdia, kill 6. – No Muslim Outrage.
    Muslims fire rocket propelled grenades into schools full of children in Israel.- No Muslim outrage. goes on & on !
    Muslim papers publish anti-semetic cartoons. – No Muslim outrage.
    Muslims beat the charred bodies of western civilians with their shoes, hand them from a bridge. – No Muslim Outrage.

    & Then newspapers in Denmark & Norway print cartoons of Muham-mad, & all of a sudden MUSLIM OUTRAGE !!!!
    Muslims get OUTRAGED when anything happens against muslims but never get outraged when muslims are the cause of terror.

  11. juluyan says:

    yes aff coures,
    why not !!

  12. j cortin says:

    I am voting no

  13. k cortin says:

    i am not agreeing to the mosque

  14. lord says:

    I am agree for musqe

  15. holaaaaaaaa says:

    yes and yes &yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  16. sigoblog says:

    Should visitors wish to vote,may I request that voting be done using the Evening Standard Poll, which I believe is still available . By doing that we could strictly use this site purely for articulating opinions.

  17. proud2bjawa says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………NO kot bcoz education is much more important thing than others especially for Muslim nowadays..people not respect us on what we are wearing,earning or having such expensive super-duper things but our BRAIN! Allahu Akbar!!

  18. Dina says:

    i vote in favor of building a moaque
    yes and yes and yes

  19. Mohammad Abdulatif says:

    I am agree for musqe

    so I say yes and yes and 1000 yes

  20. NEHAL MOHAMED says:

    am proud of being muslim and of course YES I AGREE

  21. Howard J says:

    Muslims are creating a problem for the future by forcing their issue. It will bring about a further bout of racial hatred and this time they will be the recipients. BEWARE and play it very low!

  22. Azie says:

    I say NO.
    When I was in Manchester before, I saw unused church being used for Friday prayers. The original design was still intact except for the cross. At one glance, you know it’s a church. That’s what I thought when I first came until one Friday afternoon, I saw many muslims thronging into the building ( my hostel was just opposite it ).
    Even in the University I studied, the mosque was in the basement, big enough a space to fill up hundreds of jemaah in the Friday payers. Extremely cold in the winter yet the spirit was warm enough to attract many to come.
    Else where in the country, many unused houses be it bungalows, terraces or even apartments were converted to mosques and center of activities for the local muslims.
    I was always impressed by this new insight. I never experienced this in my own country, Singapore where mosques were built as grand and sophisticated with a budget of millions of dollars which is still a practice now.
    Referring to all those experiences in UK where the mosques thriving with humility yet attracting many hearts including one naive student that was me towards Islam, till now I am still grateful. Grateful to all those who had made those mosques possible though with a humble beginning.
    Thus, I personally feel it is of much extravagance to spend nearly Stg100 million to just build one mosque.

  23. K Tivey says:

    I say NO
    Britain is a Christian country and I strongly disagree with the building of a Mosque next to the Olympic site.

  24. Dr and Mrs H Oliver says:

    We wish to vote NO to the building of this mosque on the Olympic site or anywhere else in London. If a place of worship is to be built it should be for all faiths

  25. Dr and Mrs H Oliver says:

    We wish to vote No to a Mega Mosque being built on the Olympic site or in London. Build a place of worship for all faiths.

  26. Amooolaa says:

    i say yes

  27. Robberta says:

    Freedom of religion is all well and good – but to the tune of £100 million? And to propose such a huge place for one religious sect to converge knowing that there are factions within that community who want to see the downfall of all other major world religions seems like pure folly. Freedom of anything is fine if it doesn’t impact on the safety or freedoms of others. If you can be certain that, within those walls, hate is not going to be preached against other people’s faiths or, worse still, plots hatched which bring about another 9/11 or 7/7 then go for it with a £100 million mosque. But wouldn’t a better idea be to put the money towards building an interfaith centre? A place where all religions can meet and learn and interact. After all, £100 million builds a pretty big roof, under which there’s plenty of space for a mosque, a synagogue, churches, temples etc.

  28. michael says:

    Man in his vanity built a huge tent in London and God made it a lauging stock in the world. God is quite able to destroy this mosque or stop its being built as he did with the tower of babel; ‘man proposes- but God disposes’.

  29. mr c smythe says:

    I wish to vote no for the mosque, as I believe enough is enough.
    We can’t go over to the Middle East and build the C of E church.
    I’m not that religious however when our lads are getting shot at in the mane of peace why should we embrace the Muslim beliefs?
    We had 2 world wars for democracy yet we cant say no in our own country with out been classes a racist!
    Why do all the Muslims always hide behind the racist issue if they don’t get their own way?

  30. dick says:

    i vote No respectfully

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