Reining the reigning little sultan of Klang

In empires and sultanates of yores,  it was either the grand vizier, or the grand eunuch, or the Queen of the Harem who would normally be  the de facto ruler. In The Royal town of Klang , in the self proclaimed  developed state of Selangor, the grand vizier finally couldn’t hide the usurping arrogance, and the grand  royal ambition  of the  little sultan of the royal town  from the knowledge of the constitutional Sultan.

He built a palace, he weaved his ways to have his sons and daughters to be  laksamana and panglima, he demolished those who were against him, he used the law to rule and he thinks he is  is morally insulated, has immunity, thinking that the taming sari would protect him.

Protect it did.  In doing so, The Grand Vizier has demonstrated he does not have the gut nor a brain sizeable enough to use the taming sari to good use.

It saddened me but the principle of life says it all, you get what you deserve. You people of the state are  to be blamed. You are just not worthy of being citizens of a developed state, you are but loyal subjects, transitory migrants, in your own little fishbowl. Or is it the state that does not deserve to have the developed state status.

You get bird brained and yours is a tiny sparrow. Talk about being eagles, huh!! It is happening right under your nose. Little  sultanates,  fiefdoms run by sword weilding kung fu warlorlds are collecting the taxes, spending the Sultans gold and silver, determining which side of the balance to put the gold weights on.

The Warta on  Sunday morning  reported that the Constitutional Sultan has advised the little sultan to step down.  Ampun tuanku!! Daulat tuanku!!

Is that good enough? In this midst you still hear voice of reasons. A columnist wrote about the available laws that could be used by the powers that be to rein the little sultan.

And the grand vizier is still spine less. Principle-less.

As someone in the Know rightly quoted, leadership in the country of ours is based on relationship not on principles. The vizier, the Warlord and pride of Sungei Burung still respects and pays homage to the little sultan.

In the meantime the FIEFDOM Of sUNGAI bURUNG would soon carry out a series of competitions to crown the new Bird Brain of Selangor. The fief dom is a  world reknown, favourite destination , and transit point for migratory birds from all over the World. Magnus Magnusson the compere of The Brain of Britain Fame has declined the invitation to be the host.

His reason: He is fond of birds alright but not vultures.


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