Malaysia travel advice – it is SMOG free for now

The Northeast Monsoon has finally arrived. What a welcome relief. Overnight the smog was cleared. The sky is blue again. The sun is no longer saga-red.

Just a week ago, the smog enveloped the whole west coast of the Malay Peninsular. I woke up one morning, as if I have inhaled the complete SIGLO 6 COHIBA.  Then I realised how bad the air quality was. One after another, the children defence mechanism collapsed.  My late father had to be aided for breathing  and to clear his lungs. Could it be  the smog, that triggered his lungs to collapse?

They were still calling it haze. In actual fact it was SMOG, the same if not worse then the one that covered London during the industrial revolution. You are talking about tiny carbon particles entering your protected citadel.

The denial syndrome and the annual blame me not, pissed me off. Blame it on the forest fire, blame God, blame the Indonesian, and we suffer.

From now on, I am going to issue my own travel advice. I will tell the WORLD the actual SMOG status of the country. You may be able to fool the people most of the time BUT not all the time. I have introduced on my sidebar a link providing the Air Pollution Index reading for the country. Check it out!!

For goodness sake call it SMOG.  Tell the people it is dangerous. Unless the sky is blue , the sun is not saga red, visibility  is 10 km or more, do not tell us it is safe. Quality of Life? Anything above 50 is already unhealthy!!.


One Response to Malaysia travel advice – it is SMOG free for now

  1. thebanglacockney says:

    london is not smog free, for now

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