An intellectual discourse on the NEP in the EDGE – go read!!

I read an interesting piece  on the New Economic Policy (NEP) in the current issue of the EDGE, that weekly business publication. It was a discussion, a forum. THe panelist were    to critically and objectively  look at the NEP, free from any emotive influence.  Their conclusion? THe NEP need to reengineered.

 It was  impressive. It was a rare display of intellect, not tainted by that racial or political divide. Every panelist was able to display their desire to be just fair and civil.

THe panel consisted of  that lawyer politician, ZAID Ibrahim, economists Dr Nungsari, that  braille savvy  economist Prof Ismail, a senior member of that political party GERAKAN think tank and  a lady who was drowned in the discussion that I could not remember her background.

Zaid, Nungsari and Prof Ismail were impressive. They were able to to put forward facts, thoughtful insights, unbiased opinions and proposed corrective actions to reengineer the NEP. THe fact that all were products of the NEP is a testimony of the success of the NEP in education. They were clearly holding court.

Affirmative actions, meritocracy, equity versus  income disparity, economic leakages due to corruption were critically looked into. Here is a summary of some of the conclusions/resolutions, for the benefit of those who are too lazy to read the original

# 1 – Affirmative Actions is a necessity in the restructuring of society and the NEP has achieved some qualified successes . That is  an indication of  a civil society , isnt it?

#2 – EQuity as a measure of the POlicy is severely challenged as it does not reflect true wealth. Income disparity, based on gegraphic or race is considered a better measure. EQuity participataion is however important to ensure participation in modern business and the cascading and multiplying effects that it will generate. It makes sense,what difference does it make to the kampongites  that Tajudin, Daim, Halim, amin Shah, are jet setters and shakers of the bourse?

#3 – Overemphasis on equity and the damaging effect of individual participation instead of institutional participation seen happening in the 80s and 90s (mahathir?) were the main cause of leakages and abuses. Did they say Mahathir or did I?

#4 – Meritocracy must be upheld at the very least intra-Malay. Can meritocracy be implemented in a society where corruption is thriving, I ask.

THere are more things being discussed. Grab the edge and read it!!.

I repeat, those guys were impressive. Put them against any chauvinists, from either side of that dividing wall,  and those chauvinists would have their  tails between their  legs, and their balls shrunk. Rats they are.


2 Responses to An intellectual discourse on the NEP in the EDGE – go read!!

  1. Ken says:

    In case u didnt know, Dr Nungsari was one of the principled few who resigned from UMNO due to the Anwar fallout. And never sought to regain anything post Mahathir.

    Nungsari is a PhD from Krannert School of Mgmt, Purdue, USA specialising in game theory.

    He is an interesting guy to talk to with keen wit and kenner insights. He’s been writing for the Edge for some years now.

  2. inspigoblog says:

    Thank you Ken. Now that he is not in government we hear more of him than before. Good for Malaysia.

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