Visiting the UMNO General Assembly

I went to the Putra World Trade Centre today. It was  the venue for the biennial AGM of UMNO, the biggest component member of  the ruling political party.  Not that I am a member of the party or any political party for that matter, though I always say in jest that I used to be a member of SANTANA’s “samba party”. The Black Magic woman was the party ‘s anthem.

I have many friends in UMNO, thus the visit.

I dressed to kill in a classic baju melayu with a classy sampin, complete with a matching hanky in/on my top pocket, befitting a Malay “budiman” or gentleman. NO ulterior motives, no interest whatsoever of luring the princesses. I wanted to feel good and classy.

Two things I wish to credit UMNO for, which was clearly visible at the convention. The first was  its contribution to get the Malays into businesses and  secondly getting the Malays to have access to education.

The PWTC was bustling with hundreds of traders, mainly petty traders. Looking at the hustle and bustle, I could see that they were no longer novices. Kudos to these small people. They have  not been dependent on government contracts. They have not undermined the leadership because of the lack of government contracts. Shame on you, the rent seekers, the PKK license peddlers.

I finally found the outlet selling DBP books. There were interesting titles BUT I  could see they wereinward looking titles. There seemed to be a lack of intellectual robustness of a dynamic community. Titles on bersanding, songket batik, rais yatim, not the sort of things I saw in Jakarta.

Why Am I not getting DBP books and publication in the regular bookstores? Are they being controlled or monopolised by some “connected ” individuals? I overheard the word Marwillis Book Store.

Whoever is doing the distribution and marketing of DBP publications, read this, YOU HAVE FAILED!!!!! If JOhan Jaafar could not adress this monopoly, he is going to fail too..

About education, there was this articulate, debonair, dandy Malay gentleman at the assembly.  He went to the best school and the Best university in the world (according to his friend and fellow university mate) thanks to the father of PEMBANGUNAN who happened to be the President of UMNO. He went to the same school as that Malay gentleman.

You too, pezze, say thank you ( although your school /university wern’t that “WORLD”)


One Response to Visiting the UMNO General Assembly

  1. pezze says:

    ahha, i say thank you to my education. i m a product of NEP which I thank UMNO for fighting for it (not that i m a strong supporter of UMNO).

    world class is what u make of it. i was lucky to be at the time when the aspiration was to make those institutions to be world class.

    unfortunately though, with MRSM, they went the wrong way. it has become a massive canning factory now.

    with Cardiff U, i beg to differ. it is a world class institution now.

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