Bush, ben laden, pope benedict, nasrallah – threats to world peace

The new pope is making his mark. After that so called intellectual discourse on the irrationality of Islam, and the inclination of islam to violence, the new pope is beginning to be noticed. It is no coincident that Pope John Paul’s right hand man on the protection of faith and the thelogical guardian of the Vatican, has been elected as the new pope at a time when  the Right Wing and neo-cons are controlling the whitehouse.

That reference to the opinion of the violence of Islam by a Byzantium Emperor was no slip of the tongue either. IT was no accident. It was by design to shock and awe. It was designed as a precursor for more things to come.

Advocates of free speech? Only about a month ago the BBC ran a feature on the abuse of children by catholic priests in Ireland, the US and South America.  Crimiminalus Solicitation. The solicitation of sexual favours by Catholic priest. The guy responsible for silencing, buying, destroying evidences and witnesses was no other than the Present Pope in the name of protecting the faith.

Greek philosophy and claim to rationality has been hijacked.

The latest TIMES runs  an article on Pope Benedict on the eve of the Pope’s visit to Turkey. An interesting piece. He was against the flooding of Europe by Turkish 70 million Muslims. He does not consider faiths other than Judeo Christian as Faiths. Unlike Pope John Paul he is in the ring for bouts against Islam without the gloves on at an opportune time when Bush is saying either you are with us or against us.

He is taking the message of Islam as the violent religion to  the Imperial Capital of Byzantium empire, to the Heghia Sophia, to the land of turkmen waiting at the gates of Europe. He is doing the political round.

I am concerned. He has been elected to the Papacy to take on Islam. He is the Pope to prove that there is a Clash of Civilisations. The combination of Bush, Ben laden, nasrallah and Pope Benedict is a threat to world peace.

The world is trying hard to isolate Bush, ben laden, those hawks in Israel and Nasrallah. We need to contain the new Pope too.


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