the weekend that was – going native for lunch, a royal banquet for dinner, a “leseran” setting for breakfast


Menu : Smoked tripes lemak chilli padi, duck egg lemak kunyit, kaki lembu with rebong in lemak cili padi, steamed petai with sambal belacan, ayam kampong goreng, a plate of rice filled to the brim.

Drinks : water melon juice

Dessert : fermented rice “tapai”, teh Malaysian style

Venue : Restoran Nelayan, Rahang Square, Seremban


Menu : Bariyani Gam with beef and egg, fried prawns, fish fillet in lemak cili padi, Dalca, Chicken masak merah,

Drinks; air mata kucing

dessert ; cream caramel, tropical fruits followed by coffee

Venue : The Palace, Sri Menanati. TheRoyal highness at the high table.

Accompanying Music : A 40 piece wind orchestra, The Tali Band and the Purple Haze. Doses of the label and Blues

Regret ; no cigar


Menu : Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rendang, laksa kedah, roti canai

Drinks : teh tarik

Venue : The Malay Bazaar, Kolo Pilah, 10 kilometres from the “Jombatan Bosi” , Batu Kikir

Lunch at Jemapoh was aborted. Instead we brought back, smoked kampong”free range” chicken, smoked beef and smoked semilang.

Report by: The founder of the Jemapoh Explorers


4 Responses to the weekend that was – going native for lunch, a royal banquet for dinner, a “leseran” setting for breakfast

  1. Azie says:

    What is that smoked tripes? I’ve not heard of this.I like this idea of this smoked things.Beef or fish or plants (is there for plants?).Anyway, plan to be in KL this weekend,maybe these smoked menu is highly to be looked forward to or maybe,busu’s dendeng?

  2. mooke says:

    talking about jemapoh explorer, havent heard from the champion of belum yet………………oyyy pezze wherefore art thou.

  3. pezze says:

    nampaknya macam our Xmas trip postpone to January 07. no reply yet from tour agent… scouting for another agent…

  4. inspigoblog says:

    azi, babat………
    pezze…what agent, organize!!

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