Singapore the astropolis – KL is at least 20 years behind

Other than London, singapore is the other city that I could claim to have lived in. As a young kid, I had the opportunity to be immersed in the Singapore of Shaw Brothers, P Ramlee, Madu Tiga, Si Tora, the remnants of colonial singapore. I had the opportunity to see the early years of singapore, as a separate entity. I saw relatives moving houses from kampong houses to flats or rumah pangsa. I saw kampongs making ways for HDB flats. I saw Pasir Panjang being engulfed by reclaimed lands.

In the 80s my first job required me to be in Singapore. Having completed my university days in London, visiting Singapore was like going to Manchester. Bugis street was a heaven for sailors, with transvetites plying the trade, the days when AIDS meant first aid, being associated with the Red Cross. THe Port of Singapore was like Hamburg or Amsterdam., another city port.

Over the years, Singapore is the city I visit most frequently, mainly for business and exhibitions.

After that job in Woodlands and Sembawang, I had never spent more than 3 days in singapore not until now. I decided to take the family to Singapore for a holiday. What a wonderful experience had it been. What 20 years have done, tales between two cities.

Singapore is now an Astropolis. I define astropolis as a modern city which is out of this world. If I have to name another city of the same calibre as singapore, I could only think of switzerland. The rest of the cities in this world could only claim to be metropolis at best. And kuala lumpur? KL now, is like singapore 20years ago.

The Esplanade would put the istana budaya to shame. The riverfront is no match for bukit bintang. The Asian MUseum was a real museum, not the belly gazing Museum negara. The restorations of old buildings have been impressive. THe city Hall would rate Dewan Bandaraya as the municipality for Air Hitam.

Pak lah was saying that malaysia has a first world facility but with a third world rakyat. I could still come across third world Singaporeans but why is it singapore is in the first world?

The reality is that malaysia is infested with third world leaders. I have been trained in this doctrine that there are no bad soldiers but bad officers. Unless and until all local councils leaders and all leaders of political parties in mlaysia become more educated and world class, the gap between singapore and KL would just be between an astropolis and a municipality.

THe future of singapore? LOndon would soon become Manchester or Liverpool to singapore.

Singapore is out of this world. Migrate to Singapore anyone?


3 Responses to Singapore the astropolis – KL is at least 20 years behind

  1. Azie says:

    Married to a Malaysian and mother to two Malaysian children after 13 years of marriage now still doesn’t make me belong as one not even to be a permanent resident the least.Up and down for years, I have to present myself to the Immigration Department of Malaysia for clearance of entry permit to this country.I believe I fit the bills to be even offered as a citizen.I am a university graduate, an engieering professional, competenet, versatile and many more abilities I do own, yet I am not even considered as someone who could contribute. Too many protocols and red tapes.Cablings here and there I have to endure that I am very sicked and tired of right now.
    On the contrary, due to my Singapore origin and citizenship which I am still holding, my Malaysian husband and two children are offered to be a citizen or PR.We didin’t apply at all yet automatic as spouse or children to a Singapore citizen, one will be offerred by the government.Very simple. No protocol, no red tape as stated in the parliment bills.Just fill in the form required and within a month you are granted.Its an offer open to them for life so long as I dont relinquish my citizenship which I will never ever do.
    And we may not in physical migrate to Singapore which we do not intend to right now, yet we are mobile enough to frequent singapore

  2. inspigoblog says:

    Azie, If I were you, i will retain my Singapore citizenship.

  3. Azie says:

    Insyaallah, I will definitely.Even now thinking of getting an apartment there coz every citizen is given SGD40,000 grant to purchase once in his lifetime.Alah..apartment kecik aje..mungkin tiga bilik..harga about SGD150000 .Tolak grant..jadi SGD110000 yang kena bayar.Well..setakat nak jadi rumah singgah-singgah di hujung minggu..atau ketika anak-anak bercuti.Not bad kan..Mudah-mudahan Allah murahkan rezeki saya dan keluarga.Amin.

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