I am at peace. I am a follower of the religion of Abraham (boxing day 2006)

The year is 2006. Yesterday was Christmas day, a day when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. As a Muslim, why am I not celebrating the birth of a great prophet, I questioned. I have been brought to believe that it was  a pagan ritual. Anyway, the manner consumerism takes precedence over spiritualism, my celebration is limited to the remembrance of the birth of a fatherless child. 

A chapter of the Quran is dedicated fully to the birth of Jesus. For followers of the religion of Abraham, reading the chapter “surah Al-Imran” on Christmas day is a worthwhile spiritual activity. 

Coincidentally, a week from now is the eid-ul-adha, a day that mark the end of the pilgrimage to Mecca, and a day that commemorate the Sacrifice of Ishmael, according to the Quran or Isaac according to the Jews.   Genesis narrates in detail the command and the submission hence the sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham. I learned that the Samaritans are the only Judeo Christians who still practice the ritual of sacrifice to commemorate Abraham’s act of sacrifice. 

I discovered that circumcision is a covenant between Abraham and God. If it is a covenant it is therefore an important ritual? 

 I find the never ending debate, Isaac or Ishmael, to sacrifice or not to sacrifice, Islamic or Jewish or Christians or pagan, the behaviors and practices affected by their schisms and wars and Arab versus Jews and countless other issues, stifling my search for the truth.  Against this backdrop, I find the attachment to the religion of Abraham liberating


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