Flooding in Johore, Malacca and Pahang – Blame it on God

Close to 100000 people were reported to have been affected by the flood in Johore. The Chief Minister was quoted to have said that ” Our records showed that the rainfall in Segamat on one of those days was equivalent to two-and-a-half-month of average rain in the district”.

He has done well to get the relief efforts under way in a very short while. The minister Nazri Aziz said that ample warning has been given but we did not expect the extent of calamity as experienced. The efforts by politicians and the government could be considered commendable. The government machinery have been seen to be  functioning. That is what the media make it to be.

We see caring politicians cuddling babies, helping household chores, rowing rescue boats.   The people, the victims are seen smiling and laughing at the relief centres as if this is another communal outing. They accept the explanation, that this is an act of God.

The sad thing is nobody seems to look at the facts

# Segamat, Sri Medan, Parit Sulong are  all land locked districts or kampongs

# Land locked regions rely on rivers for drainage

# Many rivers in Johore are dead or are decaying

# Design engineers would always look at the 100 year environmental data to determine size of drainage arteries and dredging of rivers, to  design offshore platforms or  to design flood mitigation programs.

# If you cannot stop cutting down the trees then you need to dredge the rivers frequently and size it up properly

Unfortunatelyt The people are happy, the politicians are happy with the exposure with the growing confidence that they will be re-elected.

I tell you God is not pleased that he is being blamed. Wait for another one, a bigger calamity, with increasing frequency.


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