My 6 year old – first day of school

It was Adam’s first day of school yesterday. The three years of monttessori would have prepared him well for the real school. Still it was a special occassion, and I made it a point to send him of. For parents the world over letting go of a young one  for school will always be etched in the mind, like this  mother and  her son,

” It was like yesterday that i let go of your hand with your knapsack on your back on your first day of school.  I would be alright mum you said. ”

” It was also like yesterday that i let you go with a knapsack on your back to go to Iraq. You said the same thing. I will be alright mum….Now  i have to let you go for the final time” The son was the 3000th soldier killed in Iraq.

Back to Adam’s first day at school, the teacher asked him to move to another desk. He refused because he said he liked the place. “This is the best”. We were the  first to book that front row seat.

When the teacher wanted to show the whole class where the toilets were, he refused to budge. He said Mummy has already shown him where the toilets were. So, he was left alone in the class while the rest obediently filed in line to have a tour of the toilets.

I hope the teachers would be prepared for the children of the year of the golden dragon. Today the mummy told me that he finally relented because Amira moved. He would not let someone else sit next to his crush. Smart teacher . Well done  Adam, you got it alright!!!


2 Responses to My 6 year old – first day of school

  1. azie says:

    Wow… after a long break, it’s good to be back blogging.Anyway, Congratulation Adam! Welcome to the world.Relentless new things awaiting you in life now.Shahid reminded us last week of Adam new in school.He too is in new schhol.So does Shafiq.The boys are looking forwrd to visit the Islamic Scholars exhibition in KL so thinking of bringing them to KL this weekend.We hope to spend the nite at either house.See where the boys prefer to which we presume Adam’s house.Insyaallah..

  2. thebanglacockney says:


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