Let us mPAC – mobilising People Against Chauvinism

Chauvinism is the prejudiced belief in the superiority of one’s own group, race, kind, gender, religion, culture, sect over the others. The word originated from French, after a legendary French  soldier Chauvin, who was blindly patriotic and loyal to Napoleon. Chauvinism can be xenophobic, the irrational hatred of anything alien or outside your tribal circle.

It is a paradox. At a time when being global is celebrated, we see more chuvinism in our daily life. It used to be just  male chauvinist. Now we hear about racial chauvinist, religious chauvinist, cultural chauvinist. Could they be  reactions against the onslaught of globalisation? that people get drawn into their shell at the sight of impending threats.

In my opinion, nothing compares to the display of chauvinism we see in South Africa during Aparthied or in  the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or even the breakup of Yugoslavia. When chauvinism rears its ugly head we need to remind ourselves that South Africa, Israel and Yugoslavia are real possibilities.

Chauvinism will always be around. The challenge is to contain them and not to make them mainstream. The role of the silent majority is to ensure these voices of unreason  and irrational thoughts remain in the minority , marginalised and isolated. They are easy to demolish, by the use of reason, logical arguments, rationality, and most importantly being  just and fair.

At a time when we are supposed to be the wise 50 year old, we hear voices of unreasons, which could be due to pure ignorance but beware, there are chauvinists lurking behind ready to pounce and hijack our goodlife.

I call upon fellow bloggers, readers and visitors to write on this theme” ImPAC – mobilising  people against chauvinism”.  You are invited to link your site or any other articles in other sites that share the same theme. I have written a few essays on the subject which is linked here;






Who knows, we may be able to publish a book, if we have enough contributors to mPAC.

Or you could just sign in, just to show you  are Proxtively against chauvinism.



6 Responses to Let us mPAC – mobilising People Against Chauvinism

  1. ayyub says:

    there’s a book called “Female Chauvinist Pigs” by Ariel Levy. an interesting point of view. do check it out.

  2. pezze says:

    Throughout history, chauvinism had always been around, in one form or another. Thus, I believe that to eradicate it, we start at personal level.

    We as human being from time to time, can be chauvinistic without realising it, either in our thoughts or our actions. Thus, it is important to realise this and eliminate it from our own system (thoughts). It will show and infect the people near to us. Which can be amazing as the effect propagates.

    To start simple, treat the person next to you like a true human being, without imposing your thoughts and beliefs. It doesn’t matter if you agree with it or not.

    As Victor Frankl realised as he was facing the gas chamber in the concentration camps, stripped to their nakedness, one human being is no different from another.

    A human being is a human being. God’s creation. So treat God’s creation with respect.

  3. inspigoblog says:

    Sdr ayyub,
    I used to think gender chauvinism never exist. i have been called MCP but being the cool cat that i am and knowing that i could be in total surrender to the female partner debunk the chauvinism in me. i thought the name calling and branding are just manifestation of one’s frustration and insecurities.

    Personally I have not had any encounter with any female chauvinist. I have not had any problem defending my manliness as i believe that mANLINESS is VIRTUS. You may read the definition of VIRTUS in one of my posts. Would love to read that book on Female chauvinist. TQ Ayyub. However i do not see the necessity of adding that PIG word.

    The unfair treatment of women by man, by depriving them of rights, access to knowledge and worse still using religion as an excuse, is certainly chauvinism. But remember being fair and just does not mean being equal.

    I have visited your site and see that you write well. May i propose you write on this subject and linked it here. How about male chauvinism, in the muslim/malay world from the perspective of a malay/muslim man.

    Until i read the book you propose i will assume that female chauvinism does not exist and even if they do I do not see them as a problem.

  4. inspigoblog says:


    Please expand your thoughts and articulate a piece in the spirit of mPAC. Link it here.

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