The flood in Johore Malaysia

At last they admit that it is not natural, not a natural disaster.  THe Director General of Drainage and Irrigation  finally came out in the open and said that the design of the  drainage system had been based on a 25 year data. I would have designed it on a 100 year data if you are serious about preventing floods. I doubt if they really did that………

On the present  25 year design parameter, I believe flooding will happen with greater frequency. The people of Johore do not have to wait for another 25 years for another disaster.  The reason: the rivers have never been dredged,  the rivers are all clogged up and flooding is a  natural desiltation process.

And to to the victims, they deserve the help and the symphaty. They are also to blame

> for not being too demanding on the government they have elected

> for tolerating the state management team, who has not really been able to put a  sound flood mitigation  infrastructure. The small kampongs have always experienced floods on smaller scales.

> For  getting rid of old houses on stilts in favour of ground level “modern houses”

The investors unfortunately would shy away from Johore in favor of Batam or Singapore. The development of  Bandar Iskandar will be pushed  at least 5 years to the right. 

Back to the drawing board!!!

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