ceo goblog – celebrating new years, today is Higra 1428

Within a space of twenty days I celebrate 2 new years, the Justinian Anno Domini and the Higra. The Hindu Poongal or new year although occuring 4 days ago was  not celebrated, for lack of opportunity and understanding. Next month it will be the Chinese New Year which no doubt I will try to  get a piece of the actions.

I like new years as it  is an excuse to celebrate. Practically there are only a few new years that you could afford to celebrate, as there are just too many new years. The Shah of Persia revived the persian calendar. There are also many emperors and despots who started  new measures of time.

Did I say despots and dictators? Sorry, I just realised that I too, started the new year for the company. By determining the official  fiscal year of the company I belong to the same category as those despots and emperors. Ours is the 30th of May. Yes, we do celebrate our new year.

Personally,  I like the 1st of january best, as it is celebrated worldwide. You see the world community displaying that rare  celebration in unison. December is the best time to take stock of your self, assesing how far off you are from the benchmark you have set, to set new targets. It is the time of the year when I work the hardest. It is me the busy coach preparing his team for the new season.

The Higra, takes care of my spiritual migration.  It is Liberation Day. The day mark the migration from opression to liberty, from nothing to something, a day to make that special connection with the Almighty, as it is his protection and blessings that make the liberation possible. To you God, belongs the good things. The bad things are but due to us mortals.

Yesterday, we celebrated the end of 1427 as a family. We seek His guidance and protection as we liberate ourselves from our own shackles, from the comfort of our status quo, from the shackles of ignorance that surrounds us.

To all wellwishers thank you for your prayers. Likewise, may you all be showered by His blessings and His spiritual guidance.


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